Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back in Full Force (or a even a little force at least)

Hello out's been a while!  I'm sure most of you noticed the blogs getting lighter and lighter.  Work was getting more and more stressful, on top of busy schedules and lots of Etsy orders to take care of.  My husband and I took a much needed vacay to Maui for our 2nd wedding anniversary.  It was absolutely amazing, just as we anticipated it would be.  I'll share some fun highlights throughout the next month.

Hope you all are well and looking forward to taking a bit of time to catch up on your blogs.  Stepping back and taking some time for yourself is definitely a must (a small detail that can be forgotten when the stress kicks in).  So glad to be back and refreshed!  How are you all doing?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blogging more regularly- really?

Ok, what happened to blogging again more regularly?  I don't know.  I really will get my booty in gear again soon!  I've been focusing on clients Etsy orders before we leave for our vacay, and any spare time has been planning mode.

Here's a bit of a week re-cap:

Booked our stay for the first 4 days of vacay, in none other that T-Tams parents condo- Thank you Tami for the 'rents hook up'- we absolutely cannot wait!

Picked up a little white number for photos with D:  (not exaggerating on 'little', I will be stepping up the workout routine until we leave):

Brushing up on reading material:

I've been working closely with a few brides with Hawaii weddings, you all know who you are girls, all whose weddings are within the next 3 months.  If I could make it to all your events I would, unfortunately our vacay doesn't fall in between any of them.  But Hubby D and I are going to rock our 2nd wedding anniversary in the very place we said 'I do'- we are beyond ecstatic!

Hugs to you all!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gearing Up!

In a few weeks, I will be here with Hubby D (for a much needed break):

And I'm looking forward to catching up on like a month's worth of blogging that I've been absent from.   Hope everyone is well!  I'll be back to posting hopefully more regularly!