Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stop, Breathe

I need to stop and breathe.

I cried last night.

Call it stress, overwhelming stress, lack of time, no "individual time".

I will make a change this coming month, time for me, time for my husband.

Without feeling selfish, I will spend a bit of time away from a loaded "work" schedule.

And I will get back to my blogging (and checking in on my faves), because it's part of my "me" time.

Monday, March 28, 2011


We threw out our wall clock this weekend.  I know, it's pretty bad when you resort to throwing something out, rather than waiting to donate it.  I hated it that much, really I did.  Damon was kind enough to leave it by the trash in case a passer-by for some reason fell in love and decided they scored big time. 

I'm on the hunt for a new one, understated yet "timeless".  I found a simple, modern design over on good 'ol Etsy, via a shop named Uncommon:

Photo via Uncommon

Friday, March 25, 2011

Shell Wall Art

Just had to share this gorgeous shell wall hanging of a seahorse, mixed with a variety of shells and jewels.  I spied it in my little eye during a visit to one of my favorite antique/consignments shops (which clearly posts a sign saying "no photos allowed")- I totally broke the rules.  After I made two decent purchases in this shop, I braved up, snapped the photo, and kinda sorta justified my actions.

Happy Friday

On this cloudy morning, I'll remember one of my fave weekends driving around with D on a perfect sunny San Diego is supposed to get nice again by next week- can't wait!

Look, I'm in the mirror!

I'm excited to finally be able to share some home projects over the next weeks, as our living room comes together.  We're still waiting a few more weeks for our new sofa to arrive, however I'll sneak in some other projects we've been up to:  new buffet (or should I say old buffet getting a makeover), a console table getting a makeover, that infamous chair that still needs upholstering, some framing projects, and revamping the S&S office/studio!  WOW.  Just a heads up that the S&S shop may go into vacation mode soon to allow for some catching up on my personal life (which has had very little time to tend to aside from working on many deadlines for many weddings).  Clients with current orders will all be taken care of, so no worries.  If your name is Margo (CA), Jen (Alaska), or Nicole (FL)- I insisting to hear from you ladies if you need anything- you know I'll put down the paintbrush to tend to your wedding needs.  Miss you all and hope to catch up soon!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Nea

I had the opportunity to design a banner for a dear friend Yanyan for her sweet daughter Nea's room.  I'm anxiously waiting a photo to see how it looks.  The font, the color, the feel has me convinced that it's one of my faves to date.  Isn't the name Nea one of the preetiest names you've ever heard?  Very appropriately names, please meet my new banner, Love Naturally No. 5- The Nea now available in my shop

Yanyan is such an amazing Mother, wife, and designer.  She has an amazing blog you can catch up on here, and you've probably seen some of her work on my blog before- as she designs the most unbelievable line of children's clothing (and more) that I have ever laid eyes on.   We cracked jokes that when it's time for me and D to have kiddos, I'll be in trouble if we were to have a girl.  I would take one of each item please.  Actually, I'd be in trouble either way, the dude fashions are awesome as well!  Look at these precious designs:


Tie front dress

Polka Dot Jacket

All items available in her shop at Suvi Ainoa

Monday, March 21, 2011

Case of the Lazy

Wow, this weekend flew by!  How was your kick off to Spring?  I had a great birthday weekend, thank you to each and every one of you for your comments, Facebook messages, emails, and texts, as all the wishes really gave me a special feeling!  Hubby D took very good care of me (a little blue box might I add, flowers, a card that made me cry, and much more).  *LOVE*

This morning is rainy, windy, and cold.  I have that case of "can-I-stay-in-bed-with-sweats-on-and-fuzzy-socks-all-day?"  I wish!

Make it a great Spring day!  I'll be dreaming of cable knit blankets, sweats, and a beanie today.

Photo via Katy Elliot

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Almost Time

Photo via Google (PL)

Happy 17th!  This day is always exciting to me- can you guess why?  Because it means tomorrow is my birthday, yippee!  My blog has been quiet this week and I hope to be back to the norm soon (busy deadlines on orders has got me a bit whipped).

My late Grandmother was full-blown Irish, my Mother is half, and I have 1/4 in me.  Today I will embrace my freckles, skip the wearing green and count my eye color as my green accessory, and pray that work goes by quickly so I can arrive to my much needed hair appointment (which involves getting to sit a good 2 hours in a chair, chat about nonsense and maybe even read an entire magazine through)- ahhhhhh, relaxing time, I can't wait!

Happy almost Friday!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Today can be summed up in one word, from both myself and D:


D:  BS

Looking forward to tomorrow.  Sometimes, days like this just happen.  No matter how positive you try to turn it, the effort you put toward things, the culmination of circumstances force you to throw your hands in the air and say "eff".  (in no way is there turmoil on the home front, we're talking outside forces throughout the workday and oblivious people on meds cutting you off on the roadways).

To all that is annoying, please go away.

p.s.- and if I have to hear the words "trolls" and "winning" repeatedly anymore throughout this week, I just may ban television for the rest of the week!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We are Honored- Maui Wedding Magazine

Today, D and I just learned that our wedding was featured in Maui Weddings Magazine.  Yay!  Out of 142 pages, our wedding had a four page spread- pretty sweet.  It's been about a year and a half since our amazing day, and looking at our photos always brings back every single joyous emotion (that I didn't even realize could possibly be felt).  *reminissing over here*  We're excited to share the news!

Cover (not us- obviously):

Our Spread:

We are beyond thrilled and cannot thank our photographer (and not to mention all-around awesome dude), Ian Shepherd, for in our eyes- the absolute most gorgeous photos.  More of his amazing work can be found here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Peaceful Feeling

I've been eyeballing this shell print on Etsy for a while now.  It has a calm appeal to it, I don't think I would ever get tired of looking at it.

Via Etsy shop Sea Lily Studio

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Etsy Props

Someone's LOVE sign was featured on the front page of Etsy yesterday.......................whoooooo hooooo!

Come'on Spring

Short dress with long sleeves adorned with beading- I think a similar style will need to be added in this Spring's wardrobe.

via Source

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Morning- Dreaming

Dreaming of white carrara marble and refinishing the top of my late-Grandmother's console table in our living room.  D and I found a great option this past weekend. 

Although, between the chair that still hasn't been upholstered, the new buffet hutch that needs to be re-finished (uh oh, cat's outta the bag, we finally found a hutch, but it needs a lot of love), and the details that need to be completed in the living room, I'm afraid this project may have to be put on the back burner.  But isn't it lovely?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Black and White- Classic

I've been working with a special Bride, Jennifer, over the past few months on many items for her wedding.  She's working with a black and white classic theme and I am secretly hoping she'll share a few photos after her special day.  Based on her style, design requests, and the items we've come up with, I know her day is going to rock!  Best wishes Jen- this is your month!

Love Sign

Bouquet Tags

Table Numbers

Escort Cards

Hope to be adding some of the b/w designs to the shop soon!