Thursday, January 27, 2011

Im still Living

My apologies for the absence in posts.  I've been super consumed with lots- my sis and 2 nephews are in town, I am working on Etsy like mad, I have lots going on at work that has been running me ragged, and my mind is running crazy with new ideas and projects.  I hope to hear from all my lovely buds soon, miss you and your blogs.  I have lots to catch up on!


I found a new Etsy shop I favor, The Old Red Hen

Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting Inspired

Lately I'm getting inspired again for projects around the home- why?  Why do I get inspired when I know there is basically no free time to accomplish such projects?  Hmmmm, it's still fun to dream.

Look at this amazing makeover Layla completed by adding mirrors to her closet doors:

Visit her amazing makeover process on her blog The Lettered Cottage.  She has so many amazing projects and inspirations, from design to life goals.  Love her style and her amazing heart!

I may even be inspired to finish our desk chair..............remember that infamous chair?  If not, it's probably because it's turning out to be a year long project!  I'm feeling crafty, we'll see.

Happy Friday and happy weekend!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


There was a new barista at Starbucks this morning, and I didn't get carmel drizzle nor carmel brulee sprinkles on the top of my frappuccino.  Boo.

Photo via Google

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Linkin Park- We're Going!

Did I mention we're going to see Linkin Park live next month?  It was D's birthday present.  Can't wait!

Comfy Funk

Lately I don't want to get outta my sweats.  It's a major struggle to get showered and dressed for work because I resort back to how warm I am in my sweats under the covers (sometimes with my hood on and a beanie).  So when I do get ready for work, it's been in cardigans and boots for the past month!  I can't bring myself to rock the heels yet, I just plain don't feel like it!

Photo via bpoetic

If only I could sit in bed a few more hours and dally around on the internet- ahhhhhh!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Refreshing the Abode

Guess what lovelies?  We're getting a new sofa ever-so-wanted chaise!  Yippe skippy whoop whoop!!! 

So a little background:  I'm a picky one (more so than the average person) when it comes to our own home, it must be that designer mentality.  I've been subject to some of the highest quality lines of furniture since beginning my career, mostly European, and admit that I've been spoiled with the lines I have access to.  Since we've never been ones to have thousands of dollars to invest in furniture, we settled.  When Hubby D and I moved in together, we purchased what we could at the time with what we had and I will completely go on record at admit, perhaps just this one time, that we own Ikea sofas.  We attempted to make our space as comfortable and as pleasant as we could.  As time has passed, we both sit down in the evenings on our sofa and are just plain over it!  It's not as comfortable as we'd like, not deep enough, nor does it offer that "sinking in feeling" while relaxing.  We also have a matching love seat that never gets used except for when we have company forward..............

......during the years we've been dreaming of a deep comfy sofa, natural linen type fabric cover, with a chaise lounge to put up the feeties.....................

........recently we've picked up a new line at work (which is considered to be more affordable)- but let's be realistic, for the average Joe- it's the difference between a $9,000 sofa which would with this line be maybe just under 5K.  It is quite a difference.  There's no way I'd even be considering such a sofa if it weren't for my design hook up, so.............I'm patting myself on the back for 6 years of design studies, a Bachelor's in Arts and Sciences which led to this design job in which I've busted behind for, which led to a killer deal on an amazing sofa sectional.  Sometimes, hard work pays off, would you say?

We're ordering today and hope to have our newly found love in about 3 months (darn international lead times).  Let's cross our fingers we can sell our existing sofa and love seat.  Introducing our soon to be, with such an appropriate name, the Lazy Time:

Fabric we choose, a natural linen:

And let me go on record for saying that Ikea will still be the shiznit for getting those random items that you just wouldn't ever pay full price for anywhere else.  We do have a coastal inspired coffee table from Ikea as well, which I will love to the end of my days (although it may not fit in our living space with the new sofa). 

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Winter Memories

Sharing a bit more memories from our lovely Colorado trip:


Walking the trails by my sister's home in Boulder

Hubby D in Brekenridge

Me and D

Sis, me, and Mom

Our nephew Alex

Our nephew Zach


Me and Hubby D

Lots more photos taken and I will share a bit more this week, as well as more from the photo shoot.

Beachhouse Etc. Giveaway- Key Lime Zebra Tote

Looky here lovelies- a FAB giveaway this week from Beachhouse Etc.  Suzanne designs amazing totes with beach inspired designs/prints and she had graciously offered up the Key Lime Zebra bag for grabs to one lucky follower.  You better bet I've already put in my entry.  Visit her blog for more deets and to get inspired!  I enjoy supporting creative people who design awesome products, don't you?

Photo via Beachhouse Etc.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Capturing the Love

During our holiday trip to Colorado visiting my sister and her family, we were able to sneak in a photo shoot to capture some mountain memories (compliments of my sis, as her gift to us).  We woke up early the morning after Christmas and braved the 30 degree weather to snap some photos in Boulder where she lives.  Don't let that sunshine fool you, it was freezing out there to begin with, but slightly warmed up as we began moving about.  I'll be sharing a few shots over the next few days.  Not only am I stoked to now have some photos with family and our nephews, but we can finally update them around the house as well!

Today I'll share a few of me and Hubby D:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Outlook

Gawsh this week is flying!  I didn't anticipate getting behind on my blogging so early on in the year, however it's important for me to catch up with emails to both family/friends and to clients to start the year off with a bang!

What are your New Years resolutions for this year?  Do you set them, or create goals?  I've got a few "missions" for this 2011:

Stay Positive.  Be Determined.

Rock on with Etsy- full swing style

Cook and bake more for my Husband

Loose a bit of extra lbs. (hmmm, does that conflict with the above)?

Rock on!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year Lovelies!

Happy Merry Awesome New Year!!!  I'm back from our Colorado trip and catching up on emails, catching up on Etsy, and on life in general.  We had a very lovely holiday and I have some fun photos to share with you all within the next few days.  Family is so special and so important to take time out for and I especially cherished this holiday season.

I also thank you for your sweet comments and emails- you've become such great friends and it was nonetheless heartwarming to receive some special holiday wishes from a few of you over the these past two weeks.  Many Thanks!