Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday

It's been a busy work week and looking forward to the weekend (even though there's some work to be tucked in between).  Have a happy one!

p.s.  we've got pillows on the brain lately, looking to have some new ones made for our sofa.  Two of the fabrics above won us over and I can't wait to share once we get 'em fabricated.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Slow Ride, Takin it Easy

I took a day off this weekend (a day off from working on Etsy, a day of worrying about work) and went for a bike ride with my husband.  It was an amazing day and one I'd like to repeat more often.  We took the beach cruisers to Coronado and rode around the island- almost complete circle.  We began the morning riding up and down the beachside streets admiring the gorgeous houses and then made a stop at the local bike shop.  I've been searching for a basket for my bike and found the absolute perfect fit, a crate-style basket I've had on the brain for a while now.  Thirty minutes later we were on our way with a new basket installed, new leather grips, new bells mounted (with the most perfect rings).  Now I just need to clean up the white walls and get a new seat and my 10+ year old bike will be a happy camper.

We rode along, stopped in a few shops, then made our way to the bayside for lunch.  We found a small little tucked away park with the most gorgeous view of the city front and parked it for a few minutes to soak up how awesome the day was turning out.

After lunch (at a newly discovered restaurant a few minutes from the park), we made our way back toward the beachside passing a weekend flower and book festival, riding by both the yachat and golf course and of course gawking at more amazing homes.  Our last stop was at our favorite gelatto joint, the best way to end a rad bike ride with some peanut butter gelatto and coconut/chocolate hazelnut for D.  Yuuuuuuuum.

You know I had D snap some pics of the drop dead gorgeous homes we saw during our ride- I'll ask him to upload them so I can share them with you all this week!  Happy Monday....................

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tamara Catz Designs- Maui

Ok....................... I'm super stoked to be sharing these photos with you all (as they were taken back in August when we had our little anniversary trip back to Maui).  They've been sitting in my iPhoto way too long now to have not shared them via S&S!

Tamara Catz designs- what can I say, the photos will speak for themselves.  Amazing designer, love love love her stuff!  I stumbled into this shop when D and I made a half day trip over to Paia, or as we like to call it "hippie town."  Every shop in Paia has a comfy vibe, a friendly atmosphere, a lived-in feel that gives you an urging to grab a cup of coffee and chat it up with random strangers.  Right off of Hana Hwy, this store is a must stop shop ladies!

TC's store is a breath of fresh air.  Stepping into this boutique prompted a designer's "ah ha" moment for me.  She gets it.  Aesthetically.  A charming store, beautifully styled from the building materials, the flooring, the amazing counter, the racks- all filled with gorgeous product.  Not only does she carry bridal wear, but everyday wear and accessories as well.  I really wished I would have know of her shop when I got married.  I searched high and low for the perfect wedding dress (and did find one I eventually loved)- but my initial instinct was to wear something from the islands- a dress I could purchase in Maui.  If I would have known and have had the chance to shop at TC, I would have had no reservations about waiting until I arrived on island to purchase a dress, every single style was a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  I really did fall in love with her dresses and the attention to detail within the designs.  Maybe someday we'll go back for a vow renewal, and I can wear one of Tamara's lovely designs.

I was enamoured the counter where the register was placed.  Painted glass cased out in wood with the modern silver letters- total branding crush.  The styling of the jewelry in the glass case surrounded by shells was lovely and even the guest book with the simple rock atop the page to keep it open- love.  Look at those wood floors too!   Ahhhhhhh.

If you're in Maui (wherever you stay on the Island), make it a point to shop a day in Paia.  The saying "People make the place" lives up to the words in this town.  Tamara Catz's boutique is a true gem on an already shining island!

TC does have a web site, the home site can be found here, or to shop you can go here.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sneak Peak of a Maui Fave!

Tune in tomorrow peeps, I'll be sharing a favorite Maui shop (bridal + more) that I know you'll drool over.  I did.

personal photo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hi All,

Stopping in (it's difficult lately to find that extra time)- I know some of you have had the same conflict with time.  I do enjoy when I can grab a minute and hop onto the blogging world and I've been trying to tell myself to stress less.  Sometimes when I lay down at night, a billion gazillion things pop into my mind about every little thing and it drives me up the wall.  While I can hear my husband breathing deeply and dreaming away next to me, I lay there and I think about work things, Etsy orders, when will I get _______ done, will I have time for the blog in the morning, I need to email ______, I need to catch up with ______ and ______.  Ok, so I'm trying to take a chill pill.  If I can't get do this or that, tough.  If something gets pushed back a day, so be it.  I'm trying to give my poor little heart a break.  Sometimes we've just got to stop, relax a bit, and see life shine.

photo via See Life Shine on Etsy

On another note, I have an amazing husband who I must proclaim a well-deserved shout out to.  He's been working so hard this past week on a project he delivered up in LA with his buddies this past weekend and he's been so consumed with that and phone calls, I was sure I was being put a bit on the back burner.  Yes I did have projects of my own too, but I'm just familiar with my husband listening when I ask him things.  Just as I open my fat mouth this weekend, he pulls out a gorgeous pair of earrings yesterday that he surprised me with- something I showed him months ago that he remembered I loved (oooops, I guess he really does listen)- my bad for thinking anything less.  I am very blessed for my husband, not just for little surprises, but for the things he does on a daily basis and the support he always gives to keep me going.   I am grateful.   *love*

earrings via Kendra Scott

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Looking for Lamps

We've been keeping our eyes peeled for new lamps for our living area.  I'm sort of  'over' our existing lamps- I'll hang onto them as they are nice and we can possibly use them in the future when we buy a home and have more space, but for now I'd like to find something a bit more substantial.  I came across the Maldives lamp via Serena and Lily, gorgeous:

Although when you see it in a room setting, you realize the over sized scale of it:

Regardless it's a beautiful lamp!  Just a little out of budget since we need a pair.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break- What's That?

Hey everyone, is it Spring Break for you?  Do those words even mean anything to you?  For me, they haven't in years.  Probably not since high school.  Once I hit college I was working all the time and didn't go on "Spring Break" vacations or week long adventures.  Same thing with being out of college and getting into my career, this break during Spring never occurred.

Today it seems like lots of people take time off- at least a week off.  Are these people with children who take time off corresponding with their kids school schedules?  If so, sign me up because I'd like to find out what Spring Break is all about.  Lots of people out on the roads, wearing their flip flops, absent minded- I could use a week of that!

We did stop into West Elm this past weekend and bought an almond coconut candle, this delicious smell is as close as tropical as we're gonna get, trying to enjoy every smell of it!

personal photo

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Color for Spring

It's Spring, and color is everywhere- loving it!

via seeds

I'm trying to decide if I'm brave enough to purchase a brightly colored pair of shorts, or a bright shade of lipstick.  Maybe I'll stick with scarves filled with pops of color, or jewelry with just the right of bright.  Loving Spring, the weather has been pretty amazing so far this year.  I think D and I need to plan for a weekend vacay or summer getaway- somewhere warm-sun, water,and sand.