Friday, October 29, 2010

Feeling Honored- Style Me Pretty Shout Out!!!!

So I've been thinking about how to begin writing this post and the excitement I've been feeling just really can't be explained through words.  I feel so honored to have been included (in a small way), in yesterday's featured wedding on the one and only Ultimate Wedding Blog- Style Me Pretty!  Wow!  I'm floored.  SMP was such an inspiration blog that I referred to when planning in own wedding, and to see my very own company's name under the credits for this wedding, beyond amazing!

I was given the opportunity to design a "Love" banner for the very talented Amber of Sweet Life Designs.  This woman works magic, her talent exceeds most I've seen and the attention to detail in her planned events far surpasses many events I've seen published in the most credible of publications.  I was so excited to work on this particular banner because it involved custom work (my fave), of matching an exact font and color used throughout the wedding decor- so fun!  I loved this sweet banner so much, that it was given it's own name and title, appropriately named, Love Naturally No. 4, Southern Belle, and is available in the S&S shop here.

Please check out the featured wedding here if you have a few extra minutes to browse.  The photo of the sign is shown on the site if you click on "click here to see even more".  And if you feel like leaving a comment or throwing out props on SMP, I'll give you cyber hugs forever!

Here's a peak:

All photos via Style me Pretty via Sweet Life Designs

So when I told hubby D of the news, I threw my hands up in the air, he high-fived me and pretty much told me that I rock.   He may have also said that I was bad a$$.  Couldn't do a single thing without the support of this man.  xoxoxo

Have a fabulous Halloween weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Falling into the Season, Coastal Style

The holidays are always kickin off with festive decor in our home.  We enjoy surrounding ourselves with warm colors and cozy decor, while keeping our beach inspired look throughout the year.  Usually I leave out some shells (and rotate where they are placed), keep our picture frames out year-round and change out the matting colors, and work in the holiday accessories right along with them. 

Here are some photos (including some of our new pillows cover purchases)!  :

Our entry (darn sign makes the loudest noises when you open/close the door, but it's so dang awesome):

Living Area:

Loving this candle that's lasted us forever:

Our coffee table contents remain the same year-round.  Who doesn't love them some surfing books with holiday decor embellishing the table top?

My photo of our black side table didn't turn out too well for my "pumpkin story," however, I can assure you that we decorated with real pumpkins a few years back, and those suckers got moldy underneath and took the paint right off of our table top.  Grrrrrrrrr.  California holidays, too warm I guess.  So nothing but faux now, at least in the living area.  We did score some awesome faux black and white pumpkins this year and I'm hoping to come up with a black and white theme for next year!

We typically bring out more comfy pillows and throw blankets in abundance just in time for Thanksgiving- can't wait!

From our home to yours- Happy Spooky weekend...................hope you have something awesome planned?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pending Project............Still Pending


I have to start out by saying this project has been lagging to say the least.  And, it's still a work in progress.  Who knew that working on a chair was so time involving?

It all started when our cheapy office chair broke (um, cheap is an understatement).  I insisted to D that we invest in something more than just "decent" for the office.  I spend a lot of my time in the office working on Etsy orders and had something a little more designerly in mind for our next seat!   We went to our local antique stretch to scope out chairs one early weekend morning, after a few glances- no such luck.  Then we stepped into one of the larger shops;  I tend to get overwhelmed in this particular space as it's just piled with so many treasures and lets face it, antique stores never have the best of scents lingering around.  Our first turn into a little corner had this perfect little chair- the frame was just right, finish was awful, fabric awful, and price not so great.  It was "on sale" for way too much, but we talked the saleswoman into taking it as is, sale price marked, no tax- boom, done.

Now we have a chair.  It sat in the garage, sat, and sat.  It's actually still sitting in there, but now with some progress to speak of:

Chair in the state is was purchased:

Where we're at now- de-upholstered, frame sanded:

Next step will be giving the frame a shiny coast of white glossy paint (yes, let's update this beauty)!  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to re-upholster it myself.  I am totally capable, yet I'm really digging silver nail heads to trim the base of the seat and back, and I may dig in the pockets to have this done.  Here's my inspiration (minus the fabric, um, no):

I have a gorgeous ballerina pink fabric with a subtle, contemporary floral print in mind for our chair.  We shall see what will come of our studio chair!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Surrounded by Goodies

I've got some fab recent purchases for the home to share with you all- loving!  I'll be posting a few photos of how these items have been used in our home later this week!

My obsession with pillows continues.  Ask hubby D, we can't have enough.  Most are stored for different times of year, but that's what's nice about removable covers- change 'em out and re-use the inserts.  I'm thinking of making some flannel plaid covers for this winter (um..........asking myself- when do you have time woman), but I'm digging the look and feel inspired.  Either that or an awesome deer silhouette pillow- also digging!  We picked up a few burlap covers at good 'ol PB and we couldn't be more pleased.  Perfect for fall, transitioning to winter, and we really do use them for months on out!

photo via Google

Festive pumpkins- these buds are faux pumpkins this year.  Proof later this week of what happens when I accessorize with real pumpkins:

I also scored an awesome basket for my S&S studio office and I'm anxiously waiting on it's arrival!  It's has a perforated front and back, with open wire sides, 13" long by 9" wide.  Adore!  I can't wait to add it to my office shelf to help me keep organized.  Purchased from my newly found fave shop, White Flower Farmhouse (my basket is the one pictured on the top in the photo):

And, the classic muffin.  We all know the flavor by now, and it will be eaten soon, so no follow up photos on this beast:

photo via google, pumpkin cream cheese muffin

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cozy Threads

This weekend was full of getting things accomplished, but there always seems to be more on "the list."  One day at a time is what I need to remind myself.

D and I actually snuck in an evening for a date night on Saturday and braved the crowds at Cheesecake Factory for a nice little dinner.  We sat outside on the patio with dimmed lights and a heat lamps.  I have to admit, it was perfect.  Anytime you know you're going out to eat at a place with a menu comparable to a book, you'll find something you love and leave with a happy-full feeling.  Yes!

Here's how happy we were to be going out on date night:

I realized I haven't posted my little shopping purchases, which are being worn in this photo:
Target long sweater- $24.99!!!!  Target leggings $6.  Target tank $9.  Nine West flats.  Some oldies but goodies already in the wardrobe closet- Banana Republic necklace.  Blustarfruit necklace.  Vera Wang tote.  Hubs Vonzipper aviators (love).

By the way, how adorable is Hubby D?!!!  And how pastey are my legs?  And how drab is my hair?  Sometimes you don't realize these things until you look back in photos.  Haha.

As promised, some fun posts this week, so stay tuned, I'm excited to share!  xoxoxo

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Look, Fresh Approach

S&S is getting a mini-makeover, slowly but surely.  Ive been working on re-branding some of the shop's logos and it's all starting with my business cards.  As my supply of cards dwindled, I contacted Alexandra again over at the Aerialist Press, and she never ceases to amaze me!  She and Craig are dedicated to the products they design and I absolutely adore my new cards, ADORE!  The quality of the paper used and gorgeous ink color have me way too excited.  Is it cheeseball to be so excited about your own business cards?  If it is, then tape up some glasses and get me a dork-o-meter because I can't get over how beautiful these new cards are and I'm finding the need to shout it out! 

Thank you Alex, for continuing to work with my annoying details and always providing me with such lovely cards, I heart TAP!

Have a happy Friday everyone!  Next week will be a week of project posts- dedicated to the lovely Faith, who's been patiently waiting for the outcome of some much delayed projects.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why oh Why

Why oh why couldn't today be a day like this:

Photo via Fashioning

Instead it's cloudy and a bit chilly.  Time for scarves.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Real Brides with S&S Details

When I receive messages in my inbox from Brides I've worked with in the past, I always get a sneaky little smile on my face.  I love to get the scoop from clients after their special events to hear their thoughts on how everything turned out, and let's face it, to stalk their photographer's blogs and photo scroll.  I love to see how they incorporated designs they ordered from S&S and to see the overall outcome of their lovely events. 

I have a super special place in my heart for Patti and Wale. I worked closely with Patti on several items for her wedding decor, and she was an absolute stand-up bride. Gracious, thankful, and appreciative are all words that describe Patti. She said it herself that if we lived closer, we'd be hang out buds for sure! She's a woman of Faith, class, and a PW member!  For all you fellow Project Wedding brides, she's pmwatson83 (be sure to friend her to see all her amazing planning info).  Her new husband Adewale (Wale) is from Nigeria and I absolutely adore the tradition they incorporated in their wedding, you can feel the love and emotions right through their amazing photos!

I designed her programs and she assembled them!  Love her choice of ribbon!

Bouquet Tags

Pew Seating Signs

For additional photos, visit her photographers blog here or her PW bio!

It was also my pleasure to work with Jen S. on her escort cards for her wedding, customizing them to match her invitation suite and bring a cohesive design into the reception.  She was a super sweet bride, and now a super sweet Mrs.,  who had a gorgeous wedding- classic, with a modern flair!  How adorable is this couple?  Jen's chic style is major swoon worthy, as is her perfectly designed wedding- every detail is breathtaking.

Her Escort cards:

Her amazing photographer has blogged her photos here, check out this amazing event!

Congratulations to these happy couples!  Thank you ladies for sharing your photos!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tunes- Life Ain't So Shitty

Why do I sometimes forget the oldies?  Okay, not oldies in terms of how we discuss music today, but for me, the comfort sounds of my teenage years, the albums I listened to over and over and still love.  Blind Melon was only BM because of Shannon Hoon (rest his soul), and that man had one an amazing voice.  Hubs can't stand BM, but growing up on the sounds- I bust it out when he's not around.  How could I have forgotten about this song?  I would listen to it to brush off those 'bad days'- perfect for letting go of last week.  Yay for some reminiscing.

I have to also share this awesome site I cam across yesterday.  I find so many wonderful sites through random blogs (which I admit I frequently don't track back on my browser to remember the linked poster).  The lovely WhiteFlower Farmhouse has just about every accessory known to a beach house lover such as myself.  All those stunning things you don't necessarily need for your home, but totally want!  Yep, this is the one-stop-shop.  If I lived on the East Coast, I would stalk their estate sales and have a serious hole in my pocket from snatching up all their goodies.  My ultimate love is their use of recycled materials, reuse people!  Check out their lovely blogs as well for some amazing decor ideas and remodeling budgeted projects.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Beach Baby (Bon Iver)

Welcome a New Week

Photo via AlicesLookingGlass via Etsy

Thoughts:  I'm glad it's a new week.  Last week was brutal for me.  I was pretty much in a 'mood' all week, several factors contributing, enough to where D said something to me this weekend about it.  Of course I shed tears afterwards.  A combination of things were brewing:  more headaches than normal, new vitamins to get accustomed to, work, idiots left and right on the road EVERYDAY (nearly avoided an accident on Fri. when a "Zonie" cut me off)- no offense to Arizona drivers, but maybe some should learn how to drive when coming to CA.  Things had been stacking up all week, then we decided to clean out the garage on Saturday which stirred up more of my less than patient emotions and that was it.  Most of the rest of the day was a wash, I said very few words to my husband, took a nap in the afternoon and can't really recall what the rest of the evening entailed.  I'm ready for this new week.

One thing we did do Saturday morning was a remembrance walk for D's brother Jonas with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  It was just as emotional as it was the time we had attended before, and there is absolutely no way such an event wouldn't bring tears to your eyes.  Not only are you saddened by your own loss, but you feel the pain of others around you for those they have lost.  Although, the mixed emotions always bring out an empowerment of the cause, to raise awareness, support, and help to possibly save others lives.  We miss Jonas.  We will always love him.  We will continue to walk to remember him for years to come and to help others.  I encourage anyone who may be interested in learning about suicide prevention to visit AFSP, it is an out-of-this-world organization that must continue to be successful in order to have a voice and research structure for those who aren't heard.  Did you know that 90% of suicides were of individuals with a mental illness or depression that could have been treated with intervention or medication?  Did you know there is a high risk for physicians and physicians in training to become depressed or suicidal due to their demanding or stressful occupation?  There are so many prevention projects in the works that deserve support, and will continue to be supported by both my husband and I.

Nonetheless, it's been a trying week and I have lots of messages to return.  I apologize to those who deserve to have emails returned.  I have been thinking about many of you and am getting back on the ball this week with emails, orders, and blogs. 

Many Hugs,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Randomness VIII

Photo via Beach House Living on Etsy

1.  I use swear words more than I'd like to admit. I need to learn to say "substitute words" in place of them and try to refrain from dropping expletives.

2.  Sometimes I let me eyebrows grow past the point of acceptable, which is actually unacceptable, ewwww.

3.  My husband and I make fun of the fact that we both wear retainers during the night (and I absolutely cannot speak clearly while wearing mine).

4.  To all crafters:  remain friendly, but keep it short and sweet.  I still do not understand, and probably never will, the questions and conversations people hold with the register clerks at craft stores.  Honestly, don't hold up the line because you feel the need to tell the clerk which project you will be applying to each and every item you are purchasing.  Wow.

5.  Project photos are coming!  Yes Faith, work has been done and I'll get to the garage this weekend to document the progress- yippee!

6.  Do you get "sick days" off work?  Mental health days?  Me......nope.  If I don't go in, I don't get paid.  I feel like taking several "mental rest days" as of late, then my pocketbook reminds me of reality.

7.  I should bake something for D, maybe some sort of dessert and be a domestic wife.  Will advise if anything comes about.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tunes

I can listen to Band of Horses pretty much anytime of the day, over and over again nonstop.  They just evoke one of those sounds that jives with my taste, no matter what mood I'm in.

This morning, I'm sitting in our comfy bed working on the laptop surrounded my fluffy pillows and my good 'ol Starbucks (that hubs kindly brings me frequently- oh the best), a cream cheese pumpkin muffin (no comments T-Tams- I'm kinda being good, sort of), and the blinds slightly cracked open.  I wish I could delay time so I don't have to get up and drive to work.  I have some fun Etsy orders coming up and look forward to working on those in the evenings and early mornings.  A glimpse of my morning:

I'm also stoked on some goodies that we picked up this weekend while running errands, so I thought I'd share the small things that make me smile:

Martha lunch container with handy-dandy ice pack and all-in-one 3 container deal-io!  LOVE!

Two FREE Mac lipsticks (yes folks, recycle your empty Mac containers and when you've gathered 6, bring 'em in for a free lipstick).

Fresh Basil- Love the smell, love the taste, love the freshness!

All photos via Google, Bedroom photo via muwa!

Monday, October 11, 2010

UK Beauty

I love browsing Brides Magazine UK Edition (sooner or later you'll find out why I super love it)- but they always provide a fresh take on fashion, with a simplistic feel, yet refined and somewhat traditional approach.  The inspiration is  unending, even for ladies who are brides-no-more (uuhh hum), although I'll continue to peruse for the amazing fashion and goodies.  Still waiting for the new issue to arrive to my local bookstore (dang importing time frames), but I can't wait to snatch it up!

All photos via Brides Magazine UK

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Friday!

After a rainy week, a warm up is expected for this weekend, beginning today.  Sweet.  Make it an amazing weekend!!!

Photo via Anthropologie ad via Google

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feeling The LOVE

It's a pleasure to show off the talented work of an amazing photographer, Cassandra of Bluesky Photography.  Check out her blog as well, she's got such an amazing talent and holds that best friend personality that you can't help but love.

She recently captured an ultra-adorable family photo shoot with the absolute cutest little girls around.  Look closely and you'll see a S&S "LOVE" sign in the background.  I'm absolutely loving the LOVE!!!

Thanks Cass!

Photos via Bluesky Photography

Customized LOVE signs available in the S&S shop