Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simple Sweets


Came across this simple idea on the one and only Pinterest.  Marshmallow dipped in peanut butter chips and milk chocolate chips.  Yum.  What a simple yet sweet idea for entertaining or for any event with a dessert bar.  That short cut ribbon is the perfect added touch to make it that much more sweet.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Turning 30!

I was not anticipating turning 30.  Leading up to it, I was feeling a bit bummed for some reason (funny, because I didn't think I would care that much about a birthday).  I told my husband that I didn't want to celebrate with any particular plans, no party, nothing special.  A quiet day of chilling at home or going out for lunch would be enough for me.  He had other plans.

D and my sister had already planned for her to fly into town for my birthday weekend- took me by TOTAL surprise, I can't say I've ever been so shocked.  They really had me on this one.  He told me that he had to go to Sprinkles to pick up birthday cupcakes in the morning and then text me that he was stopping at Whole Foods to get a few things before coming home.  It was raining that morning so I didn't think anything of his delay.  Meantime, he had swung by the airport to get my sister and they went to pick up the cupcakes.  I was taking my time getting ready, just finishing putting on mascara when the door swung open and my sister peeked around the corner.  AMAZING.  I think I yelled "WHAT"!!!!

We chilled over the weekend and went out for dinners, ran a few errands and on my actual birthday, I went and bought a new vehicle.  It wasn't a splurge purchase, as my current Jeep was racking up the miles and starting to show wear- it was time.  Timing was awesome and we're so happy with our new Terrain!

My husband and family completely spoiled me and I'm a proud 3-0, feelin good!  Might I add that it was my first Sprinkles cupcake experience and we all agreed- well worth it, they were amazing!

Birthday surprises:

Nixon Time Teller Acetate Watch
Vonzipper Skitch Aviators
GMC Terrain 
French Connection Saddle Leather Bag
Ombre Scarf- Target

Monday, March 26, 2012

Turning it Back Around

Back in the swing of things now- catching up on the blog, getting a bit up to date.  Etsy orders are still crankin along,  and life undoubtedly isn't going to stop- even when you know you could use a bit of extra down time.  Life is a little different lately.  I turned 30 a week ago and was not looking forward to it, not one bit.  Now that it's come and passed, I've embraced the 3-0.  I bought a new vehicle (long story there), had a nice weekend with my husband and family and my sister flew into town just for my birthday surprise- so awesome!  I was spoiled with lots of fun goodies- which I'll share later this week as they are just too sweet not to mention.  It's been a busy month, but a good month.

How are you all?  It's been a while.  I'll be poking around your blogs again soon enough!

I've been browsing some rad Etsy finds lately- is this dress and photo not amazing?  I would half expect it to be on a high end retail site- some Etsy shops have really stepped up their photography.  Love it!

Happy Monday.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Next Week- The Return week I shall really make a come back when it comes to the blog. This month is a bit of a blur as so much has gone on in just a few weeks!

One biggie..........I'm officially 30!!!.....and it's not as terrifying as I thought  ;)

photo via Yuna Leonard Photography

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wow, it's been a while

I've been absent for a few weeks, returning this week. Wow- how many things have gone on since early March. What's new with everyone? I sure have a lot of catching up to do!