Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Great Big Hi!

Hi all - I'm still hanging!  Just a quick note to say I'll be back soon from this crazy busy schedule!

Photo from my first show! 
More to come

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Wow.  I miss blogging.  I miss all of you, all of your blogs, all of your comments.  I just do.  I feel too busy lately.  Overwhelmed.  But it will all pay off soon with a much needed vacay with Hubby D (already booked)- yay!

How are all of you?  How's your summer?  What's new?

Here's the scoop in my neck of the woods, somewhat random (I haven't had a "randomness" blog in a while):

-I'm enjoying a mocha coconut frap with carmel this morning, D said it's like a Samoa cookie in a cup.  HAPPY!

- I broke my number one personal fashion no-no, and I bought white jeans.  They are capris and fit oh so cute

Joe's Jeans

Joe's Jeans (clipped to

Photo not of me, but I would gladly trade mid-sections with this model!

-  We have family coming into town next week for Comic Con , this is like Super Bowl for my husband!

- We still haven't attached the drawers and doors on our hutch project (hence no photos yet)- I know, I know.

-  I had to buy a new iron, my old one actually had sparks flying out of the cord - yikes!

-  I've been working with some super sweet Etsy clients lately  :)

-  Somehow this weekend I think I'm going to get photos switched out in frames, complete Etsy orders, finish hutch doors, clean dining table area, dust and organize nightstand, hang frames in office, clean office, go through receipts in office, organize vacation binder, prepare decor for a trade show, go to D's Aunt/Uncles to consult for home remodel/design, organize ribbons, go to craft suppliers, and shave my legs.  Hmmmm.  At least Hubby D already vacuumed, dusted dining area, dusted living room, console table/entry, surface cleaned mirrors, took out recycles, and even made fresh homemade guacamole so that it had time to chill during our workout so we could mack last night.  Yes, he's pretty awesome.

I really truly can't wait to catch up with you all!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Custom Bag- Not only for the Beach

Hi there........................waving both hands!  I took a bit of a break from blogging, just getting some things done, and actually relaxing.  I always feel guilty because I really enjoy blogging (I think it's a self-satisfaction thing) as well as catching up on all of your blogs.  I have A LOT of reading/catching up to do.

I must share my rad custom bag I had made by a lovely Etsy vendor, Lucy Jane.  Lucy was an amazing seller to work with and she was super accommodating and willing to design a bag with my custom fabrics that I sent to her (you know me...................super picky about colors).  She also has amazing styles offered in her shop for those more adventurous, colorful-seeking individuals.

Remember this little tease of a photo:

Well I sent off these fabrics to Lucy Jane along with this little sketch:


And she designed this beauty:

I'm in love, with a bag!  Thank you to Lucy who designed this beauty for me!  I can't wait to receive it (it's on it's way to me as I type away).  Doesn't she take amazing photos?  I really feel like they convey the perfect touch of everything the bag entails.  LOVE.

Visit Lucy's shop here to grab your own!