Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday

Went to the Farmer's Market today with hubs and got the following awesome goodies:

Have a happy Friday!

Honeymoon pic:  Makena, Maui, HI

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sneak Peak for Ash

I've been working straight through on this one!  It's my first chair sign project and I honestly cannot wait to see them all completed and tied onto a chair back (I just might throw my arms up in excitement)!  The bride chose to have signs made for the couple's wedding reception chairs, yet instead of "Mr. & Mrs.", they will spell out their names with added flourishes above and below. 

Having the pleasure to work with Mrs. Ashley again has been awesome and she's been so patient as I continue to press on this week to try and have these babies done by this week's end.  Here's a sneak peak Ash:

Can't wait to post the final result.  This beauties will get another post for sure come completion time.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Babies are not in my vocabulary or up for discussion until next year, but I can't help but fall in love with cute baby-related things:

Photo via Adorabellecouture on Etsy

Photo via CitygirlCountryboy on Etsy

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vacation Longing

I'm ready for a vacation and summer hasn't even hit yet!  I wish that hubs and I could take a vacation for our 1 year anniversary in August, but we've both agreed that this is the year of paying things off, not spending money.  Still, I can dream for next year right?  Ahhhh, I can't wait until we can go back to Maui!  Maybe we can ask for our same room number at the Makena Beach and Golf Resort (former Maui Prince Hotel).

Monday, April 26, 2010


So this weekend was awesome.  I wish it could have lasted longer, because I could have taken every last second of relaxation possibly available.

WE FINALLY DID IT!!!!!  Hubs and I got our very own KitchenAid Professional mixer, and oh heck, we're already in love with it.  Don't ask me quite yet when the first time will be that it's used, as I'm already feeling a bit intimidated by it's awesome-ness.  Hubs made a special spot for it on the counter and it's so pretty to look at.  I promise I'll post a photo of the first official 'something' that gets made in it.  And after a back-and-forth of which color to get, we stuck with neutral and got white.  It was going to be graphite for sure, until I saw Barefoot Contessa's show and her ultra clean kitchen and shiny white mixer- the decision was made.

And the other big event of the weekend.................I completed my very first half-marathon!  My personal goal was to finish all 13.1 miles non-stop all the way through, no stopping to walk, no stopping to strech, no stopping on the hills, just do it.  And I did it.  I also wanted to be within the metal time which was less than 3 hours, as it was something my sister really wanted and she's been my training partner and somewhat of a coach throughout the whole process.  We got our metals.  I can't really explain the accomplished feeling it brought to me.  It's been months of training and keeping to a strict schedule, and it all paid off.  I couldn't be more proud of myself and more honored to see how proud my husband was of me.  Thinking of him waiting at the finish line for me was one of the biggest motivators to finish, and my sister kept reminding me of it as we continued through our miles.  I couldn't ask for a more.  It was a very memorable day.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Randomness II

It's Friday, thank gawwwwwsh.  I need the weekend.  I need rest.  This week has been brutal (for some reason I've felt extra tired this week).  I have my half-marathon to run on Sunday, so a total rest up weekend is not in store, but I can't wait until this run is conquered.  On a lighter note, just some things thought about:

Photo via Cupcake Social on Etsy

-I favor the look of handmade pinwheels, but really, what do you use them for?

-Getting woken up by your neighbors loud a$$ alarm clock BEFORE your own sounds off is not an amazing way to begin the day.

-Why does Office Depot offer coupons but then state they are not valid on purchases of printer ink, why else would you even go into that store?

-I'm tired.

-I want to crawl back into bed, stay home from work, and ask hubs make me a grilled cheese and pesto sandwich on french bread for lunch (which are the shiz by the way).

-I feel guilty for only making the bed once or twice this week, lazy!

-Why do people eat hamburgers and sandwiches in their car while they are driving?  Yuck.

-It's such a nice day out already, I will attempt to make it a good one!  Hope you will too!  Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

I've been a fan for Emersonmade for a while now.  I love their fun flower pieces and I think I may love their photography even more!  The vibe just screams preppy, yet there is a fresh, contemporary feel to their line as well.  Eventually I'd like to own one of their pieces, whenever I can convince myself that I do not have enough time to try to make a similar looking piece on my own (that dang DIY'er in me just can't cave)!

This is my ultimate fave flower pin........ (I want)!!!!!

All photos via Emersonmade

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Turning 3 day to Zach!

Today is my nephew Zachary's 3rd birthday!!!  I cannot believe how huge he is!  Seriously he has grown up so fast!  I know most parents say that, but being his aunt, I can still remember the first time I held him (I flew out to the East Coast where my sister and her husband lived at the time when Zach was 2 weeks old).  Time has surely flown by, and little Zach is no longer little, he's growing up, having full conversations now, and giving hugs!  I'm so glad we live close by now so that we can share in the joy that both him and his brother Alex bring- just something about kids that makes you smile!  Aunt Shelley and Uncle D love you Zach, hope you have an awesome day of turning a big boy number!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Little Sluggish

So, not only is it a sluggish Monday, but hubs has the day off today and I would totally prefer to stay home and do nothing and enjoy his company, as opposed to work.  Blah.  Not only is the motivation factor a bit off today, but Starbucks has dogged one of their loyal customers (me)!!!!   My one and only go-to drink, the Carmel Frap is now being made differently, as are the Fraps in general, now made with a different mixture and method- it has less of a coffee taste, is more bland in my opinion, and this has really got me in a funk.  I want my drink back, especially on a day like today.  Boo on SB!

However, the pluses are:  Save $ not buying them, have fun looking for a new indulgence, and going home to hubs homemade chili cooking in the crockpot.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend Preparation

It's Friday!!!!!  And since the beginning of this year, Friday really means Friday for me and my work schedule ( I have ALWAYS worked weekends)!  I still "work" weekends on Etsy orders, but as for driving to an office, discussing design with clients, wearing heels- Nope, I get weekends off from that type of work!

So I am soooo looking forward to a lunch date with hubster on Sunday- can't wait!  While he attends the LA Comic Con on Saturday, I will get in my last long 12 miles run with my sis before our half marathon next weekend- YAY!  Then I'll be working on Etsy orders and helping my sis prepare for Zach's 3rd birthday party on Sunday in the evening.  My nephew is turing 3!!!!  Seriously, where has the time gone?  Can't help but love the little dude, especially when he runs out of the house as we leave to give big hugs and tell us he loved us (to my husband and I - awwww)!

On a random note, I know I may get grief from free-spirited bride's here, but really....................what is up with the staches?  This mustache fad has got to fade eventually right?  It's been ongoing for over a year now- photos on blogs, photographer's sites, magazines.  I am totally over the damn things.  I understand it's a little light-hearted fun, but in the end, not my taste, not my style, so glad I will not be looking back showing my children photos of the stache.  Absolutely no offense is meant toward bride's who love the idea.  In respectful S&S fashion, the identities of the following bride's have been disguised:

Someone please come up with a new trend not involving faux facial hair- FAST!!!!

Lovely Monograms:

I've been working with PW bride Mandy the past few days on monogram designs.  She asked me to "think peacock" in terms  of design.  Little did I know, she didn't mean for me to interpret it literally, just in terms of color.  She's not a fan of monograms with images incorporated in them, so the first options with feathers weren't quite her style.  After some clarification, we simplified them and stuck with classic designs.  It was such a fun process!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

From one Maui bride to Another

Jen's cake table runner is completed!  I am so excited!  This baby has been my latest project for days straight, the obsession of layering colors, mixing colors, shading, and carefully painting within those thin lines as best as my little paintbrush could handle!  I still can't get over Jen's amazing color scheme, she's probably tired of me saying so, but it's true, I love the bright colors she chose.

I'm sort of sad that's it's done now, as I'm sure my husband is stoked it's completed (I can't even count how many times I've asked him, does it look ok, what about this part, should I add more to this, is this part to dark/light)?  Seriously, he's been so supportive because this little project was a challenge for sure.  I hope the lovely bride enjoys it, and I hope I get to work with her on more projects!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


-Going to the dentist to get a crown is never a good thing (yes, I am doing this today- boo).

-I do not prefer to squish spiders that have made way into the house, it's a job for the hubs, but when he's not home, I must suck it up!

-Driving behind dillweeds whose maximum speed is below the speed limit or who have expired their smog check is really annoying.

-My husband is awesome!

-I wish I could wear sweat pants to work, and heck, a sweatshirt too.

-I've tried to resort to only drinking my Starbucks fraps on the weekends, and have failed miserably.

-One day I will get our office/work room in better order, but it probably won't be within the next month.

-I will have new photos printed for the frames around the house, and this must be done within the next month (long overdue, it's spring and we should not be looking at a pumpkin photo from 2 years ago).

-I seriously need to get going on business cards for S&S, it's driving me nuts not having them.

-Every single day I look at my wedding photos with such content- that day was perfect and so will all the other days as long as I have D by my side.

Have a happy day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Destination Brides' Decor

Being that I was a destination bride myself, I love working with other DW brides and hearing their planning details and all the work that goes into pulling off an awesome event away from home.

I've had the pleasure of  not only working with some awesome and talented brides, but by doing so, have created some wonderful friendships.  I truly care for each of the ladies I work with and look forward to hearing about their big day and seeing their amazing photos!

I had the opportunity to create Ashley's table runner for her cake table and oh did her project bring back memories!  I used the same exact linen for her runner that I created my runner with for my very own wedding.  She is having a beachside wedding, as did I.  She used the same monochromatic scheme as I did for the runner's fonts-  ohhhh Ashley, I can't wait to see your decor "in action"!!!  I am currently working on chair signs for Ashley to coordinate with the runner- can't wait until they are done!

I've also had the pleasure of working with Jen!  If you remember those hang tags I made for her recently, you'd recall her out of this world color scheme.  I've been working on her runner days straight (who would have known my Maui brides end up having fabrics that soak up paint like crazy), but I certainly cannot wait to reveal it to Jen.  In fact, I am going to torture her now with a sneak peak:


It's coming along Jen!!!   Just a matter of time now!  I wish I could capture the amazing turquoise color of the fabric through the camera- I guess it's just so out-of-this-world, it's bold gorgeousness can only be seen in person.

And for my Tami-Tams who just got married this past week................I will be waiting on those pro photos of your runner my dear- I can't wait to show it off among all of your fabulous wedding decor!

Monday, April 12, 2010


I've always admired Myra's beautiful flower pieces- hair pieces, belts, pins, all her work!  I was honored to have her make my custom hair flower for my own wedding and was so glad to have found her early on in my planning, as she gets booked up like crazy for her custom orders!  She's got some beautiful pieces out lately, so bright and fun!

Photos via Twigs and Honey

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I rarely have time to open emails that I consider 'when I have time emails'.  These consist of topics such as fashion product updates, recipes, and shopping related notifications.  Many of times, the sale or deadline for the event in which the email was sent has passed before I had even had a chance to open it!

Today I came across an email from Real Simple, and as soon as I saw the photo of the tasty looking pasta, I thought, this is a recipe I am going to print out (which is saying a lot because I'm so cheap about wasting ink in our printer if it's not for a specific project).  One day, hopefully in the near future, I will make this tasty looking beast of a pasta.  I hope mine looks just a pretty, but that it tastes even more awesome!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Special Day of a Bride- Tami's Day is Here!!!!!

Today is Tami and Adam's wedding day.  To a stunning bride and deserving husband- may today be a day you will cherish always.  Tami- Shine on beautiful bride, I hope nothing but the most amazing day for you and Adam.  Your planning and dedication to this day, and most importantly, the love you share will make today one of the most special days within your lifetime. 

Tami is such an awesome friend that I had the pleasure of meeting during my own wedding planning on the networking wedding site Project Wedding.  We have kept contact through both our planning processes and become close friends during that time.  Tami lives on the East Coast and I live on the West, but she will be moving to LA this summer and I can't wait to plan BFF get togethers!

Throughout our rather long emails at times, which turned into texts once she left for her destination wedding in Maui, Hawaii, we have  formed a friendship that I have no doubt will be life-long.  Perhaps we have such a bond because we both planned our weddings on the same island in Hawaii and have a passion for that location and the emotions it envokes just being there.  Reading her texts and viewing the photos she sends brings back memories that seem so recent, I feel as if I were back in Maui.  I so proudly text her the infamous "wedding day weather report" this morning and her demeanor seemed calm and focused.  I'm patiently waiting for the photos to begin texting in to see her smiling face. 

Tami- today is your day gorgeous, rock it out and have a lava flow for me by the end of the night! 


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So, it's no secret that I am addicted to anything and everything aqua colored.  Call it seafoam, turquoise, mint, or robbin's egg- I've officially started calling it "my color".  If I'm out in a store and see something in this shade, I immediately think 'that's my color'!  I have umpteen different paint chips in several different shades looking for what they can be applied to!  Here are some favorites I've gathered:

Front Door: Photo via Twig and Thistle

Handspun Yarn:  Photo via Simply Twisted

Bloom Ring:  Photo via Linkel Designs

Walls:  Photo via Russell and Mackenna

What can I say, I dream in the hue of blue!