Monday, May 21, 2012

Staying Neutral

To say this month has been a 'blaaaah month' wouldn't be completely true- there have been awesome moments tucked within all the craziness and stress.  I've disappeared a bit to deal with none other than LIFE, but promise to be back when the mayhem boils over.

Neutral isn't a bad thing.  Staying neutral in many situations can actually keep you quite sane :)

photo via

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuvalu - Hopping on the Train

So I'm probably the last person on Earth to hop onto the Tuvalu boat, why have I never been aware of this online shop before?  We'll it's on my radar now and I thought I'd share a few faves:

awesome finds!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm looking to get organized, very soon.  Needs to be very soon.  The office is bothering me, so if it's not soon, I may have a mini freak out.  I'm in search of a few bins, baskets, or containers to put on a low shelf to store some fabric and such, although I haven't been able to find anything I'm in love with.  I'm thinking a fabric covered bin, but not corny or busy looking.  Something simple.  Any thoughts, where do you shop for storage?

Loving this office photo I found via Pinterest- Love.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Early Cinco de Mayo!!!

Hola everyone!  Getting ready for a Cinco de Mayo celebration tomorrow?  We'll be having a little lunch tomorrow, hopefully with spicy food and a brightly colored set table.  Being in Southern Cal so close to the border, I have to admit we may have the best Mexican food versus anywhere else in the U.S.  Anyone who knows me can validate that I could eat a bean and cheese burrito everyday of my life and be content- and maybe some chips and guac too!  Anyhow, if you're celebrating this weekend, hope it's awesome!

I must share the most gorgeous pillows via Lindsay Rodriguez on Etsy.  She just recently launched her Etsy shop and is beginning by introducing her Sugar Skull Collection- l.o.v.e. the pops of color in her pieces.  I must say, these pillows are made with attention to detail and you know you're getting the best when it's designed by an actual artist.  Linds and I go back almost 10 years (holy heck), she's my college BFF and a rad one at that.  We went through the design program together, both obtaining our degrees in interior design and moving on to work in the career world we call professional (or we can call it crazy, nuts, and stressful too).  I'm absolutely thrilled for her that she's sharing her talents via Etsy and now you have a chance to grab up a piece of it!

Modern Skull

Los Santos

La Charra

Day of the Dead Wedding March

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at these pillows earlier this week and they are just as bright and lovely in person.  Lindsay and her graphic designer husband (can there not be a better pair out there when it comes to design?) have teamed up to bring amazing color combinations and one-of-a-kind designs.  No one pillow is alike- but I'm sure if you ask nicely, she may be able to create a pair for you!

Check out her shop here for all the loveliness, and check back often as she'll be launching additional collections: I'll tell you a little secret- I saw her projected patterns for upcoming collections which included chevron, florals, ikat, and more!  It's a definite must add to "favorite" shop on Etsy.  Enjoy.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Let's face it, these are gorgeous (but not the price).  At 31" high, they are over sized and make a statement.  The cost would run up my bank statement and leave an impressioning statement on my face.  I'll admire them from afar.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hollie's Maternity Shoot- by Erin Elizabeth Photography

Hi All!  Super special photos I have the pleasure of sharing today!  The lovely Hollie (whom you may recall from this post ) is expecting her first baby and had graciously allowed me to share her stunning maternity shoot with you.

Little background:  Hollie and I go back a little ways, maybe almost 2 years?!!  See, Hollie was one of my very first Etsy clients and I just love her to pieces.  We instantly hit it off when it came to design, we both love the color aqua, the beach, this girl is amazing.  At a time when I was trying to figure things out as far as business goes, she had wonderful ideas and items she wanted for her beach side Cancun wedding and together they resulted in lovely details.  The bouquet tags I now sell in my shop originated for Hollie's initial request, at the time I didn't even know what they were.  Holls- you're awesome.

Currently:  Hollie and her husband Aaron are expecting their first baby, she's due this Summer and it's going to be a surprise!  I cannot believe it, they have far more patience than I ever would to wait to find out if they'll be having a boy or girl.  I'm in suspense, as I absolutely can't wait to make her something for the little munchkin.  She recently had her baby shower (yours truly designed her invite), and also had the most gorgeous photo session with her hubby.  Honestly, this gorgeous lady has always had style, I wouldn't expect anything less for her maternity shoot- loving the jewelry Holls.

She worked with her awesome photographer: Erin Elizabeth Photography

And her Shower invite I designed for her:

Congrats again Holls, hugs to you two and I'll be waiting for baby to arrive so that I can make he/she something special! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grey Round Up

How's your week shaping up this far?  This past weekend flew by like crazy, but I did manage to finally get a new phone (my old one bit the dust and decided not to type 1/3 of the letters any longer)- therefore text was a no-go.  Now, officially a proud owner of a new iphone 4S, I'm super stoked to learn all these new fun details and apps that come along with my new toy.  *excited*  Anyone have any fun tips/tricks/or must have apps you'd like to share?

I've been noticing a lot of grey items lately being saved in my Etsy faves, thought I'd share a few.  Do you spell it grey or gray?  I prefer the"e" rather than "a".

Aloe soap via Elegant Rose Boutique

Tea Towel via Madder Root

Stoneware via Vitrified Studio

Waxed Pouch via Treesizeverse

Typography vua Bubby and Bean

By the way, did you know Starbucks brought back the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino?  It's officially launching back into stores tomorrow, however our local shop knows us way too well and made Hubby and me one this morning, I must say, so far it has MADE my morning.  The small things in lif, huh!