Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bedroom Design: Thoughts and Wishes

When it comes to the "style" of design that one is drawn to, especially myself, I feel that my likes conflict.  I'm somewhat of a rustic/cottage fanatic, yet I can appreciate contemporary design and clean lines. Is this possible?  It can be a struggle, especially being a designer!!!

My husband and I both have similar likes.  We can go into a store and when we see a piece of furniture or just the right accessory, we are typically in agreement if we feel that it's a contender to be included in our home.  Sometimes if I fall in love with something, it may take a bit convincing on his end.

As we walked into Bon Bon this past weekend, we reminded ourselves how much we adore a bed (headboard) they have on display.  It's a bit more traditional compared to our existing, but the tuffted design, the color, the size, OH *WISH*!  We even were digging the comfy pillows they had displayed, soft, down-filled, cozy.

Our Bedroom Currently:

Our Lovely Find at Bon Bon.........
.....Maybe One Day:

My husband even suggested we add in a third Euro back pillow to our, AWESOME SUGGESTION HUBSTER!!!!  It was a fun outing for sure, and what newlywed wife could complain after stuffing her face with pizza and getting to go to an awesome design inspired shop with her husband?  No complaints here.  Hubs is still in agreement that we could use some sprucing up, so yay for that!

More lovely finds at Bon Bon:

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jenstillinak said...

I love how your house kind of matches your wedding theme! The headboard is to die for!!