Tuesday, March 23, 2010

OH MY !!!

Oh my gawsh, did you see the date of my last post?  Yes, I have to admit that last year I came up with this brilliant idea of launching my very own Etsy shop named Sweet Peas and Seashells .  The ideas were rolling through my head so much that they prompted me to start this little blog before I created a shop (how does that work?).  Needless to say, in the mist of my own wedding planning and.....well.....life, the brilliant idea was put on hold.........until now!  I am so pleased with myself (yes I can admit that I gave myself a pat on the back) for officially launching S&S!!!! 

I started this blog last year on Valentine's Day, and I officially launched my Etsy shop this year on V-day!  Planned?  Actually, no- but it's awesome that it just so happened to work out that way!  It must be meant to be?

I have to thank all the wonderful brides from Project Wedding who have allowed me to continue to gain confidence in my little shop through their orders, lovely feedback, and recommendations.  What a lovely community of brides, and some grooms, planning their weddings.  THANK YOU PW'ers!!!

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