Thursday, June 21, 2012


Swingin' back around, I know my posts have been sporadic- hope some of you still stop in every now and then.  I returned from that mini-vacation about 2 weeks back and knew my Etsy orders would be high priority (or rather taking over life).  I'm getting them complete and have been working for some very sweet clients so work life is full to the brim!

Since its been a while since I've waved hello, I wanted to share one of my very favorite outdoor fabric collections, Perennials.  I've used these fabrics lots for client's projects (in my interior design side of work) and they are great alternatives for indoor use as well, especially with children and pets.  They are less resistant to fade and a bit more durable for those well-lived in spaces.  I've always adored their colors and patterns- check out their site to see all the options.  Every few months when the rep would plan on visiting our design studio, I would get so excited to see the new prints and thrilled once I  actually had them in hand to review.

I'm a sucker for their advertising and have always loved the way they showcase their collections.........
my new fave, the Road Trippin' collection:

All photos via Perennials

Do you not LOVE?  Next time you're thinking of sprucing up your space, or are in need of outdoor material for cushions, check them out instead of going straight toward a standard canvas or Sunbrella fabric.  You will love the quality and color options- no doubt.  I have a small pillow on my indoor sofa using their fabrics and I adore the variation it gives to our space.  I'll have to snap a photo to share on the next blog.

Happy beginning of Summer!

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Faith said...

Love! I always want to spruce up the house. Too bad I live with someone who doesn't believe we do ;)