Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Thingy-ma-jigs

I've been up to some random things lately- here are just a few:

Enjoying my new iPhone cover and deciding it's really time to
get the office organized (look at that junk)!

Going on awesome bike rides with D.

Taking in the gorgeous view while cruisin' around on our bikes.

Hoping that I'll be able to learn at least one project out of the
new book I picked up.  I don't know how to knit yet (only crochet), so I'm
feeling intimidated.

How have you kicked off your Summer?


Faith said...

i love the color of your new iphone cover, so pretty!

ahh, bike rides. i miss those. i need a bike!

besides BBQing, i haven't done much to welcome summer ... esp. since it keeps on raining over here. boo!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Hi, friend! It's nice to see you've been enjoying the beautiful weather too! Loving your new iPhone cover! So cute!

Michelle said...

Thanks Faith- sorry you're having rain, no fun! But BBQ is always awesome!

Hugs Nicole- a message coming your way soon! And if you get out here, we'll go bike riding for sure :)