Monday, August 27, 2012

New Rug- Stylish Stripes

I bit the bullet and bought a new rug from Urban over the weekend.  I've been looking for a smallish rug to be placed outdoors under our bistro set on our balcony.  With no luck for a few months, I finally found this one on sale (really the only reason I purchased it was the nearly 65% off).  It's not an outdoor rug, but who cares- it was cheap, it's the right colorway, and I can roll it up and store it on the 2-5 days a year when it rains here in SD.

via Urban Outfitters, Circus Rug

Where do you shop for rugs?  

I really don't own any area rugs since we have wall-to-wall carpet throughout our apartment, but I have to admit I'm a bit of a rug snob.  That's quite possibly why I don't own any.  Not only is it torture to try to make design decisions for our own home (it's so much easier with clients), I tend to lean toward the more expensive options that are Belgian made, Italian made, or New Zealand wool.  My husband should be thanking his lucky stars that we don't have wood floors right now, as the rug tab would be outta control.


Faith said...

I'm not a rug snob at all. I think the last one I purchased was from Target. Good thing too because now we have a dog so we can't have nice things :)

CeCe said...

I found two area rugs on a couple weeks ago online. Normally, I think of Bed Bath & Beyond or a department store when I'm looking for smaller ones. I'm kind of hating our bathroom rugs right now so I might have to check out urban.