Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Urban's Odds and Ends

Do you ever consider Urban Outfitters when looking for accessories or odds and ends for your home?  I admit, even back in high school, I would rummage through the  stuff  junk they had and wasn't too impressed about spending a good few bucks on thrift store looking items.

Well...... boy have they stepped up their game.  They've now got so much more to offer in terms of what they display inside their stores, but the real secret is their online store.  Wow.  I'll be keeping them bookmarked for sure.  We all know that aqua colored items are my soft spot, here's a few fun items I came across:

Stella Floor Lamp

Rag Rug

Factory Side Table

Stone Votive Holder

Industrial Magazine Rack

May be worth a look next time you're in need of a "filler" item.

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