Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decor Miss-Outs

Do you ever look back on shopping trips and say "darn it, I should have bought that _______ when I had the chance"?  Grrrrrrrrr.

I will, for the rest of my life, wish I would have bought that darn outdoor bistro set that I saw at Amvets (second-hand Veterans Thrift Store) of $35!  What was my problem?  It was a situation of me being by myself, wondering how I'm going to get all three pieces into my Jeep, and not wanting to pay the ATM fee at the store to withdraw cash.  Was I delusional?  Next time, I'm telling myself to go for it.  This was my ultimate miss out opportunity and my Husband knows I just can let it go.  It was the perfect vintage, ratty tatty unfinished wood, slightly rusted frame, with a decent sized diameter table.  Boo.  Someone else better really be enjoying that set.  (this was probably over a year ago, can you tell I'm not over it)?  The photo below shows a similar style to what I fell in love with, except the one I adored was unfinished wood with a wood slatted table top (probably finished at one time long ago):

Photo via Google

Also, careless mistake, was admiring Pottery Barn's knit holiday stockings and saving the photo for the after Christmas sale.  Who was I kidding, these things weren't going to go on sale, they were going to SELL OUT!  Really?  I need to step up my game.

Photo via Pottery Barn

Do you have any missed opportunities?  Something you wish you would have bought, and you could have visualized where it would have perfectly fit into your home or life?  I created a new formula for asking myself if I really love something, and D even chimes in at the store too:  If I'm eyeing something for longer than two minutes, walk around the store and go back to that item, he asks "Can you live without it, if we go back home are you going to think about it the rest of the day and have dreams about it"?    Haaaaaaa.


Tutti said...

Gah. I know that feeling much too well. I'm still obsessing over these 3 little kittens in a mitten that I saw up in Canada when I was- gosh, maybe 6 years old. I still think about those little guys and wish they were mine.

Totally off topic but- I never knew you drove a Jeep. But now that I do know- it fits perfectly :)

Faith said...

i do that all the time. i hate it! i hate it when i get home and realize i should have gotten something, head back and it's gone ... i've cried about it a few times, lol. honestly, it really is no laughing matter!

it just so happens that whenever i fall in love with something, i don't have the cash ... it's very sad.