Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday

On this cloudy morning, I'll remember one of my fave weekends driving around with D on a perfect sunny San Diego is supposed to get nice again by next week- can't wait!

Look, I'm in the mirror!

I'm excited to finally be able to share some home projects over the next weeks, as our living room comes together.  We're still waiting a few more weeks for our new sofa to arrive, however I'll sneak in some other projects we've been up to:  new buffet (or should I say old buffet getting a makeover), a console table getting a makeover, that infamous chair that still needs upholstering, some framing projects, and revamping the S&S office/studio!  WOW.  Just a heads up that the S&S shop may go into vacation mode soon to allow for some catching up on my personal life (which has had very little time to tend to aside from working on many deadlines for many weddings).  Clients with current orders will all be taken care of, so no worries.  If your name is Margo (CA), Jen (Alaska), or Nicole (FL)- I insisting to hear from you ladies if you need anything- you know I'll put down the paintbrush to tend to your wedding needs.  Miss you all and hope to catch up soon!


Tutti said...

You are one of the most amazingly dedicated women I know. Go take a break and don't look back.

Happy Friday M! xo

jenstillinak said...

Girl - I can totally wait until April 15th!! ENJOY YOUR BREAK!!! You are such a doll! xoxo