Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stop, Breathe

I need to stop and breathe.

I cried last night.

Call it stress, overwhelming stress, lack of time, no "individual time".

I will make a change this coming month, time for me, time for my husband.

Without feeling selfish, I will spend a bit of time away from a loaded "work" schedule.

And I will get back to my blogging (and checking in on my faves), because it's part of my "me" time.


Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm sorry sweetie! I know how you feel! I am lacking "me time" too! Cheer up buttercup! :)

Tutti said...

Sending a virtual hug your way. I've been feeling the same types of strains lately. Adam felt so bad, he took me out for a spontaneous date night. And on a Monday?!

You *need* that time for you- be sure to take it. xo

Yanyan said...

Oh I know how you feel, take your time, there is nothing selfish of it, forget about work, deadline, deliverables, take a little break, work can wait, deadline can be postponed, deliverables will be delivered later, Michelle needs to rest, enjoy her time, and feel happy!! Hugs, Yanyan

jenstillinak said...

I am so happy you are taking some time for yourself hun!! You totally deserve it, you are an amazing woman with such drive to do great things - and you totally do! I hope you get caught up on everything and get some time to find yourself again amongst all the work!
And, when you come back, you have an email waiting from me! I expect not to hear from you until April 15th, enjoy your time off!

Huge hugs your way!