Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Nea

I had the opportunity to design a banner for a dear friend Yanyan for her sweet daughter Nea's room.  I'm anxiously waiting a photo to see how it looks.  The font, the color, the feel has me convinced that it's one of my faves to date.  Isn't the name Nea one of the preetiest names you've ever heard?  Very appropriately names, please meet my new banner, Love Naturally No. 5- The Nea now available in my shop

Yanyan is such an amazing Mother, wife, and designer.  She has an amazing blog you can catch up on here, and you've probably seen some of her work on my blog before- as she designs the most unbelievable line of children's clothing (and more) that I have ever laid eyes on.   We cracked jokes that when it's time for me and D to have kiddos, I'll be in trouble if we were to have a girl.  I would take one of each item please.  Actually, I'd be in trouble either way, the dude fashions are awesome as well!  Look at these precious designs:


Tie front dress

Polka Dot Jacket

All items available in her shop at Suvi Ainoa


Nicole-Lynn said...

Super cute! :)

Yanyan said...

Oh thank you dear Michelle for such a lovely post. And we LOVE the love banner! :) I am sorry that I have not taken the picture yet. It looks gorgeous next to her little crib. Thank you sooooo much.