Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Card Sneak Peak- Making Spirits Bright

I've got a confession to make:  We've already designed and purchased our Christmas cards for this year and they just arrived yesterday- so stoked!  They turned out exactly how we hoped, couldn't be more pleased. 

I had been scoping out a few card designers on Etsy, and kept going back to one in particular, Mink Cards.  They just launched their brand new web site with tons of exciting designs and it's definitely worth a browse when you have some time to look over all the amazing styles.  We wanted something fresh, something bright and very "us."  I have to say that when I read the 'about us' link on Mink Cards, I was beginning to think that owner Melody must somehow be my long-lost perfectionist-strived twin (haha).  This little bit of insight was what really caught me eye:

"Mink is a labor of love born out of Melody’s deep desire to create something pretty. Each year Melody would search endlessly for the perfect card, only to drown in frustration that she was limited by a lack of choices. Driven by the need to express herself, Melody ventured to create her own hip cards. Realizing she couldn’t possibly be the only passionate perfectionist in the world, Melody created Mink."

Is this not you too?  I have to say- totally ME!  We worked with Melody to create our perfect card and she even customized the main front design font to coordinate with our photo/theme.  Although this may sound like a plug- I assure you it's not- I just believe it's my blogger duty to share an amazing business that excels in both quality product and customer service.  The contact doesn't stop when you click the purchase button, follow up emails messages and design proofs, revisions and several options all await your review.  

Our chosen design and color combo for this year:  Red and Bubble Gum Pink.  Wooo Hooo, and an awesome Husband knows not to question his wife when it comes to Holiday cards (he actually was more open to the pink than I thought).  The whole vision stemmed from this rad paper I picked up on sale last year for 12 cents a sheet, all along I was thinking it would be the perfect envelope liner:

Living up to the crazy that I am, I scanned the paper 'liner' and sent it off to Melody of Mink to ensure we were choosing the right colors for our cards.  Done, perfect, happy as can be!  Thanks Melody!

We don't want to spoil the final cards until we get them mailed out to family and friends (some which are blog readers), but I will share more with you all once we hit December.

What are your plans for Holiday cards this year?  Color combos, patterns?

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Ohhh I love it! :) I want to see more of it!

Hoping to get ours ordered this weekend!