Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

It was a chill weekend with Hubby D, one that didn't include any 'set' plans or outings.  I wish every weekend could be as laid back as this was. 

Saturday was rainy,  The rain didn't stop until the sun went down, but we braved the morning rain and got a bit of errands out of the way: the usual Target for necessities, Starbucks fuel, and stopped at Joann's Crafts for a few things.  We remained home for the rest of the day and relaxed.  D watched movies and I browsed online, and pinned on Pinterest (I'm a bit late to board the boat when it comes to Pinterest, but I'm quite addicted).  He made the most delicious blueberry muffins for us, and boy did we mack them!  He made sure to smother on extra butter for me! 


Sunday was just as chill.  We started off at our usge Coffee Bean stop and it was unusally slow and quiet, a nice start to the day.  D ordered a new holiday ice blended flavor, English Toffee.  Next weekend I'm sooooo ordering that one with extra caramel, mmmmm.  We then drove home (took the long route to scope out any new real estate signs), kind of our new 'thing'.  We then decided to head to OB for a bit of antique store browsing on the boulevard, we found a nice addition in the perfect color:

It was a makeup-free, ratty hair kinda day, but in this hippie town, I never have to worry much about the primping.  We then decided to take a stroll on the pier, a perfect clear day after the stormy day before.

This seagull was being stalked by my camera, until I got too close and it flew away.

I asked it to please not squirt on my head.

Ratty Hair.

Surfers are like honey badgers, they don't give a f*$! that it just rained and the storm water
is polluting the waves they're riding, they just think they're bada$$

Actually, after a while I sort of wished I was in that water.  I wore my Uggs today and it was WAY to warm for them, I was sweating nastily.  We then headed over to Pizza Port, the single reason we continue to go to OB, for the best pizza ever (Nicole, you can confirm this as true)!  With full bellies, we headed home for more relaxation, time to paint my nails a new grey color I picked up, and a bit more pinning.

How was your weekend?

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Nicole-Lynn said...

LOL yes very TRUE! Best pizza ever! ;)

Sounds like a lovely day! Love those simple times!