Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Full of Pink

Hi All! 

My apologies for disappearing last week- I really will try to keep up my blogging, I know I've said it before, but I really do what to get back on it.  I will still be sharing my friend's lovely creations before the end of this week, so please do stay tuned for some amazing artistic inspiration and products that are not only fun to look at, but to wear as well.

How's your transition into the holiday season going?  We're getting ready for December and excited to spend time with family again this year.  I do not feel an overwhelming sense of stress this year- which a good thing!  I'm not worrying about shopping and gifts too much- taking a more relaxed approach this year.  I've had some free time to squeeze in crochet lessons from my Mom, so I think friends will be receiving handmade cowls this year for Christmas.  Is this cheesy?  Would you enjoy a hand-crocheted neck cowl as a gift?  Sometimes it's hard for me to gage if something I like would be enjoyed by someone else just as much.

I'm still loving all things pink lately- as you may have noticed by our Christmas cards.  I put together a little board, all images via Pinterest.  I'm a little tardy with hopping on the Pinterest train, but loving having a place for saving images (rather than on a bunch of flash drives).

Hope all is well!


Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh gosh girl.. as soon as I saw PINK I thought something else! lol

Faith said...

i love all the pink! too cute!

i would love a cowl for Christmas! i wish i could remember to crochet that way i could make one for myself! :)

Michelle said...

Oh Nicole, are you thinking babies? Haha- Not yet dear ;)

Aww thanks Faith, you've encouraged me to go for it!