Thursday, November 8, 2012

Travel-Wear Inspiration

What vacations have you taken this year?

I'm SO ready for a vacation.  Besides taking a super quick few days out to Colorado this past Summer, D and I haven't taken a vacation this year.  I'm a huge believer in taking time away- to relax, rejuvenate, to find a balance, to regain faith, to splurge on yourself, to be grateful, and of course to drink coffee everyday after sleeping in and possibly have a few days with no set agenda.

Sadly we don't have a long vacation planned, yet we are looking forward to a long weekend in San Fran next month.  I can't wait to roam around the city, eat delicious carbs, bundle up in a pea coat and boots and sip hot drinks all day.  We've also got a 49ers game to attend which will be my very first live NFL game EVER!  Pretty.darn.excited.

I'm most definitely revving up for the City by the Bay and if money was no object, I'd have all these travel goodies and wardrobe items ( a girl can wish):
vintage suede travel bag via Etsy
winter coat via Emerson Fry
Lace and Fur ear muffs via Etsy

vintage boots via Etsy

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