Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween peeps!  It was a fun run this weekend dressing up in our costumes, so tonight will be a chill evening for me and the Mr.

Catwoman was a success!  Thank you to my friend Debra for doing my awesome makeup (who was so patient to do both a trial and final application), to my Hubs and his friend for making my head cowl piece and belt, and to D for encouraging me to get into a comic character and go with it (totally admit it was a freakin rad time)!

We had our whole comic theme set:  I was Catwoman, D was Bane, friends were Batman and Peter Parker/Spiderman.  Fun times.

This was actually my makeup trial, testing out 'the look'

Mr. and Mrs.
(look at ms. cottontail behind me- saw plenty of that all night)!


the gang


the dudes

show 'em whatcha got


Hope everyone has an awesome Halloween!


Faith said...

Love your costume! So cute!

Seeing all these Halloween posts are making me sad that I didn't dress up again this year!

Unknown said...

Amazing costume!! I love that Bane costume too, so accurate!! Happy Halloween :)

We have a GIVEAWAY on the blog at the moment if you'd like to enter!

Suzy x

Nicole-Lynn said...

Y'all looked SOOO good! :) Loved your costume! :)