Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday- Yipee!!!!!

Yay for Friday (wooo hooo)!!!  Less than 3 more days to enter yourself in the first S&S giveaway, details here

So, have any of you watched Dhani Tackles the Globe, on the travel channel?  Last season it was named Dhani travels the globe, fitting because it's shown on the travel channel, yet they came up with a more clever name since he's a NFL player.  So my hubs got me excited about the show, and the new season has begun, but I have yet to see any of them.  I'm not much of a television watcher these days, but maybe I can catch up this summer?

Anyway, his show is awesome.  Dhani Jones travels around the world and visits different locations, a week at a time, while during his stay he immerses himself in the culture and attempts to master a sport of the locals.  How awesome?  What a life!  He approaches his stay with openess and willingness with a fun, light-hearted attitude, while reminding viewers to experience how lovely the world really is.  Watching his show really does make you want to take a vacation, but furthermore, it reminds you that there still are good people with good hearts living among us!

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Damon said...

Awwwww babe,you make me want to watcch this show right now.....we should have a day filled with Pizza Port and Dhani travels the globe marathon...glad you psted you