Tuesday, May 11, 2010

La De Da

So this one goes out to the hubs, who is the best hubs EVER!  He knows how to make me laugh to the point where I can hardly breathe, I'm gasping for air, then he makes fun of my laugh, and it makes me laugh harder.  Anyway, those darn Travelocity gnome commercials get me everytime.  Hub's has taken it upon himself to make the little noises and add random phrases to the end.  Here's the classic one, which he text me last night:

"  La de da...de de de da...la de de da..more cheese balls please :)  "

Photo via Google


Damon said...

This is too awesome.....cheese balls for you anytime.

jenstillinak said...

Don't worry,the E-Trade commercials with the babies kill me. The one on the plane where the baby is talking about how the other baby dances like, 'eeeeehhhh', is hilarious!