Monday, May 24, 2010

Why So Fast

This weekend has come and gone so fast (as weekends usually do), but I woke up feeling like I'm just not ready for the week yet!  Can I just fast forward to going back to wearing sweat pants, comfy socks, and being home with the hubs?  I SO WISH!!!

As many of you know, my Etsy shop is my ultimate life project and I enjoy working with clients to create custom pieces to be incorporated for special events in their lives.  My goal is for S&S to be my career, and if I could just get there, it would be so rewarding and satisfying. 

I've had a great time working on some recent orders for wonderful clients.  Here are some latest projects:

Wedding Party Tags

Place Cards

Remember Patti's awesome color scheme on her bouquet tags?  Well here are her completed table numbers and reserved signs!

More recent orders pending that involve table runners- super excited to be working with some amazing people! 


Faith said...

Goodness! I am in love with everything you do! I wish I knew how talented you were when I was planning!

I am going to show some of my GFs who are getting your site to see if there is anything they would need!

jenstillinak said...

Ugh! I wish I could get all these goodies now, but we don't have an official list of people who are coming. I am chomping at the bit to get more of your stuff, I love it all!

Michelle said...

Thanks Faith- you're awesome! I'd love to work with some of your GF's.

Jen- you know I can't wait girl!

Damon said...

love seeing your work and how much fun you have doing the things you love. Keep up the amazing work my love