Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year Lovelies!

Happy Merry Awesome New Year!!!  I'm back from our Colorado trip and catching up on emails, catching up on Etsy, and on life in general.  We had a very lovely holiday and I have some fun photos to share with you all within the next few days.  Family is so special and so important to take time out for and I especially cherished this holiday season.

I also thank you for your sweet comments and emails- you've become such great friends and it was nonetheless heartwarming to receive some special holiday wishes from a few of you over the these past two weeks.  Many Thanks!



Faith said...

you look beautiful!

i am loving that necklace!

happy new year!

Cass Mooney said...

Happy, Happy New Year! Fab pic:-) Let's chat soem time...20100...lots more fun both of us.

Sooo..I don;t suppose you can craft up a runner or Cake table banner b/f Jan 23??? xo

Tutti said...

Welcome home honey. There is nothing better than getting to spend an extended time with family (esp. the little ones). And I just LOVED the family photos on FaceBook... so cute!! xoxo

Nicole-Lynn said...

Cute pic! Happy 2011! :)