Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Comfy Funk

Lately I don't want to get outta my sweats.  It's a major struggle to get showered and dressed for work because I resort back to how warm I am in my sweats under the covers (sometimes with my hood on and a beanie).  So when I do get ready for work, it's been in cardigans and boots for the past month!  I can't bring myself to rock the heels yet, I just plain don't feel like it!

Photo via bpoetic

If only I could sit in bed a few more hours and dally around on the internet- ahhhhhh!


jenstillinak said...

I am with you girl! Getting out from under the covers is always so cold and nasty! And don't worry, I am the sweater and boots girl now too (since I got my beloved boots for Christmas). If I could get away with it, I would totally wear my PJ's to work though.

René said...

Do I ever know what you mean. These cold months are brutal.


Tutti said...

Did I tell you that we just bought a space heater for my office? A space heater.

Although, this little gem is my new best friend. I keep him cranked all day. I love working in shorts and a tank top in the middle of winter :)

Faith said...

winter is horrible for dressing up! it's ok, hoodies and sweats are acceptable! :)