Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crocheted Cowls

Alrighty now, I've had my faith restored that it's not cheesy to make handmade neck cowls for my friends for Christmas  :)  I hope they all like them as much as I do.  Of course the ones I've made so far are all in my classic 'go to' colors- grey, beige, and aqua (what's new).  I just finished a red one to match my new wellies, can't wait to rock it this winter.  Just thought I'd share the progress:

My Mom started out making the grey one for me, I then made my first one (the aqua), then made my first gift one, the beige.  Got more gift ones to go, better get on it!

Didn't lay it flat or quite even top to bottom, but here's the first gift:

And a peek at me enjoying both my grey cowl, hugging tightly my new white vase. After Hubby D took this pick, he said he wish he got hugs this tight (awww).  Guess I really had a 'thang' for that vase. 

What handmade items are you into?


Nicole-Lynn said...

OMG so cuuute! Your friends are going to love them. Your hubby is so cute... I'm sure you hug him just fine ;)

Faith said...

omg i love it! your friends are going to LOVE them even more esp. since you made it out of love!

cute vase too! :)