Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Etsy- Are your favorites public?

This gifting idea is mostly Etsy related.  If you are and Etsy member, do you choose to have your favorite items listed publicly?  Personally I do.  I like to also view my friends favorite items, if we have the same taste, I know that most likely the things they save will be items that I will dig too.

And when you have really sweet friends (*insert- Margo)- they can get quite sneaky and look up your favorite saved items, surprising you with a gift they purchased from the very list.  SO SWEET!

I like to save both items and specific shops, always knowing they can quickly by re-visited come time to make a little purchase for a friend, a specific event, or to treat myself.  What's saved in your favorites?  I've also recently been following the same procedure on Pinterest when it comes to favorites.

Some recently saved favorites of S&S are:


Nicole-Lynn said...

Hmm I'm not sure.. I think they're public? How do you know? lol

Michelle said...

Yours are Nicole (I've seen 'em) :)
You can check by taking the following steps:

Log into etsy
Go to "Your account"
Click "Settings" on left menu
Click "Privacy" on upper/center menu
There is any area for "Favorites" to designate you preference