Thursday, December 15, 2011

Home Gift Ideas

What do you give when it comes to house related gifts?  I feel blankets or throws are always a welcomed yet safe option, whereas monogrammed towels are a must 'luxury-felt' item.  Everyone should own a monogrammed towel sometime in their lifetime.  As simple as it seems, it's something that feels as if it's yours, you have the right to it on a daily basis.  One of the very first things I purchased when I moved into my very own place were monogrammed towels.  What would you like to receive as a home-related gift?

Enamel canisters- Farmhouse Wares
Pendant- Restoration Hardware
Monogrammed towels- Pottery Barn
Alpaca Throw- Canvas Home Store
Striped bedding- West Elm


Nicole-Lynn said...

I love everything you listed! And you can never go wrong with something handmade, monogrammed towels, or a couch throw!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Ohh and a yummy candle! :)