Monday, December 12, 2011

Five Days of Bad A$$ Gift Ideas

Hola!  I thought it would be a great week to have a bit of fun and feature a few Bada$$ gift ideas for this holiday season, or really it's just an excuse to post a bunch of things things I like.  Fun, no?

Today is a compilation of items which I've personally sent to Santa this year on my wish list (aka Husband of the Lifetime):

Bow pin:  Etsy- Green Eyed Bird
Vintage Blue Table Linens:  Etsy - Kerry Can
Amazing Idea that will change the World Book:  Etsy - Sparrow Nest Script
Jungle Leather Slouch Tote (diaper bag)- OiOi
*not preggers, just like to plan early*


What's on your list?


Faith said...

i love the diaper bag ... hehe. that looks like a normal sized purse for me :)

jenstillinak said...

Love the diaper bag too, I 'favorited' that site!! Someday.... :)