Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Swinging Back

Well hello there, it's been a while.  Like I mentioned last week- I'm on a mission to get blogging again.  It's time to myself to catch up with you all, to be supportive and stay creative, to share things and keep connected.  I really do miss it.  Even among hectic days, I'm going to try to keep with it!

I haven't provided a recap yet of our Colorado trip, but will share a few photos of our stay.  Whenever we take a vacation, time seems to get distorted.  I don't know what it is....weird.  We had a snowy Colorado Christmas (and a sick Christmas actually).  The kiddos (my nephews) were sick upon our arrival and whatever the bug was, I caught it, my sister caught it, and my Mom caught it on Christmas day.  The Good Lord was looking out for D and my brother-in-law, as they steered clear- I think D was spared because it was his birthday  :)  In any case, I had never felt so awful in my life and felt so bad for D that I couldn't help to make his special birthday a fun one.  We didn't have cake that day (the cake my sis and I spent hours baking the day before), or the pecan french toast we prepped the night before, as the sight and smell of food stirred up the nausea x 5!  Oh gosh, but the next day we felt well enough to head up to Keystone for our mountain adventure- thank goodness!  It seemed to only have been a 24 hour bug.  In any case, here are a few memories from our Winter vacay!

D with our nephews

Mom (in her elf hat), Me, and Sis

Tandem Tubing- awesome!

More to come!


Faith said...

looks like you had such a great time! love the pictures of your nephews! too cute!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Looked like a fun trip! Glad you two were able to visit with family for the holiday! I'm sorry you got sick, but hope it was over quick and you were able to enjoy christmas a little! Hope your hubby had a gret b-day too! Cute picture of you two at the end... love it.