Monday, January 30, 2012

What Have You Been Pinning Lately?

What have you been pinning lately?  I'm pretty random when it comes to what I save, but undoubtedly there will always be mint and sea foam tones in my "likes".  Below are some of my recent faves:

Sources top to bottom- left to right:

Paint chips via Pinterest,   Scarf via Dear June Shop on Etsy
Loafer via Asos,   Exterior of building via Bolig
Painted frames via TRW Painted on Etsy,   Shell Art via Henry Domke


Gypsea Nurse said...

I love how you did this!!
How did you get them all together?
This is fab!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I've been pinning pretty much the same as you! haha We have such similar taste!

I've been pinning like a mad woman lately.. looking for tons of house inspiration!

Michelle said...

Thanks Gypsea- I pulled them all together in Photoshop :)

Nicole- we totally repin each others all the time (you're my pin twin)!