Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Gosh, I know the holiday season usually gets pretty gnarly as far as "time" is concerned, but lately I just don't have enough of it!  Trying to get things squared away for a trip, finishing Etsy orders, working, trying to pick up a few gifts here and there (while treating myself), um, exhausted.  Not to mention I have a gazillion emails to return.

Just had to stop in this morning to share my love for Toms.  I mentioned on Monday that Hubby D bought me some awesome natural burlap ones as an early gift, and I'm convinced they'll be worn too much- if that's possible.  My major urge to support this company is that they've established a movement "One for One" where they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need (currently they donate to 24 different countries around the world) for every pair that is purchased.  How AMAZING is this?!!  It allows customers to be benefactors and I just think it's a drop darn awesome organization.  Their web site is worth visiting, they encourage customers to share photos, they have tons of color and finish options for their products, and share the involvement of their company's belief in helping others. Also, a Tom's flag is included with each purchase so that each individual can snap a photo with their flag and share it with the company.  I haven't done so yet with mine, but it's a fun idea, no?

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Tutti said...

So glad you blogged about these guys because 1)I've never heard of them before 2) Any company that does good like that, I want to support and 3) They have a category called "Tinsel Toes". Sold!

And *how* excited are you to got to CO? Heck, I'm excited FOR you! xoxo