Monday, December 20, 2010

It's a Comin'

It's beginning to feel a lot like the holidays!  Oooooo, I can't wait!  I was able to sneak away a bit of time with D this weekend to enjoy a trip to Coronado.  It's a little tradition of ours to take a 15 minute drive over to the island and enjoy an evening of food, shopping, and walking.  We enjoy browsing the shops on Orange Ave. and viewing the huge Christmas tree at the Hotel Del, Coronado.  It's a sentimental place for us, as D proposed right in front of the hotel (by a gorgeous illuminating fountain) on December 23rd on our 10 year anniversary.  It's such a special time and place to visit every year in December.  We captured some moments and of course the awesome window displays!

My fave tree at the Hotel every year- filled with shells, aqua colors, and glitter!  *pardon the 'tired' look- Etsy work got the best of me this weekend and I wasn't up for looking glam*

The Hotel Del

Lobby Tree- they have a different theme every year, this year was a "Sweet" theme filled with candy inspired ornaments.  The tree is 25 feet tall!

Window display of the Seaside Papery

Window display of The Attic

Have I turned into an oldie?  I mean, I really seemed to enjoy the window displays this year, along with the ambiance of walking the streets, getting a hot salted caramel hot chocolate, and starring in awe at the amazing outdoor lights illuminating the trees.  I'm accepting my new found enjoyments- even though I haven't quite hit the big 3-0 yet.

Speaking of 30's, Hubby D turns 32 this Christmas- yes, he's a Christmas baby (adorable).  I'm rubbing my hands back and forth in excitement to give him his gift, which I cannot post because he may read today's blog.  In any case, we'll be taking a much needed vacation next week- YAY!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  Mine was filled mostly with Etsy orders and I'm feeling quite accomplished to be wrapping them up before the holidays.  For those who may be checking out the shop, it will be closed between 12/22 - 1/3, however I will still read messages that come in and orders will be completed upon my return!  Thank you to everyone who has supported S&S this year and to all those amazing new friends I have met out in this blogging world- it's been the best!


Faith said...

ahhh this post with all the lights and trees makes me happy! beautiful!

looks like a great weekend to me!

p.s. you look glam to me!

Tutti said...

Oh, I love Hotel Del, Coronado! Such a cute place- though I've never been in the winter time. Must remember that for next year.

*one of my favorite dog beaches is right there too. Nothing like seeing dogs frolic in the ocean. Just warms my heart.

Myra - twigs and honey said...

So pretty! We were there not too long ago! What lovely lighting!

jenstillinak said...

OMG, what a gorgeous place!! I think that is the hotel that there was a 90210 episode in - about a ghost or something. Yes, I remember places because of 90210, pretty sad.
Beautiful trees, I miss that about 'real' places, we don't have any pretty decoration or trees or anything. I guess they figure, well Alaska - look outside!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Hope you enjoyed your vacation! Well deserved! :)

beachhouse etc. said...

hey guuurrl i am your newest follower love the Hotel Del Coronado I live in South Florida but my sister lives in Laguna Niguel...stop by my blog I am a designer and doing a beachy bag giveaway would love your opinion...on which one to give away...suzanne Happy New Year