Monday, December 13, 2010

Fabulously Returning

Hello lovely readers- I'm returning from that awfully tough week of struggling through a nasty sick bug.  So glad to be back, so glad.  How is your December progressing?

Hubby D and I were able to get out this weekend to enjoy some holiday shopping and festivities and it was a nice break to catch some fresh air- especially since the weather was in the 80s.  Yes, it's true.  California December.  Today's forecast?  Mid-eighties again.  Nice.

We did a bit of decorating this weekend, yet kept it minimal this year since we'll be traveling out and about and won't be spending as much time at home.  We wanted just enough pop of red and sparkles to put us in the holiday mood.  I think it worked, as I'm feeling the desire to stay in slippers and wanting to lounge around the house while eating fudge.

We added a wreath and a red cable knit throw to the bedroom- yep, that's it.
Enough to get a feel of the season.

We added a few touches to the living room as well, however my photos didn't turn out too hot, maybe I'll try again this week.  Hope you're all getting in the holiday spirit.

I have to share a tiny bit of my excitement.  Santa (in the form of hubs), brought me an early gift this year, my very own pair of Tom's.  If you're not familiar with these shoes, I'll share a bit of awesomeness about them later this week!   xoxo to D!!!  I chose them in natural burlap:

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Faith said...

i absolutely adore your bedroom ... i want you to come over and help me get your design eye!

Discovery Street said...

your room looks like its out of a design magazine!!

Tutti said...

"Lounge around and eat fudge." Isn't that what the holidays are really about anyway? hahaha. Your spritzes of holiday cheer look lovely my dear. Just lovely. And I've never heard of these things called "Toms". Do tell! The burlap is darling!

*I went to the beach yesterday. It was packed. It felt weird, but oh so good :)

jenstillinak said...

So glad you're feeling better! We were both out of it last week - let's hope that was our bad week for the winter!
Love your holiday touches, just enough without being too much! And, I know, I owe you like 3 emails, I'll try to write today!

PS - Yes, you have the correct address!

lisaroy said...

welcome back to the land of the living!! so glad you're feeling better. I love your bedroom and that wreath and red throw and just perfect. I'm loving Toms and haven't' seen them in the natural - I think I'll be looking for a pair of those for myself! :)

René said...

You lucky girl you. I think they have sold out now.