Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Dynamic Holiday Mood

Ok, ok- I know I said SF posts would be shown for the remainder of the week (they will for the next two days), but I just had to share a sneak peak of our Holiday cards.  I spent so much time deciding last night which layouts to choose, which photos, editing the photos to make them look a bit retro and both Hubby D and I are so excited to get the final product.  I ended up ordering the cards through Shutterfly (which is a first time trial); therefore I'll post the end result when we receive them and report on the quality.  I had a complete vision for these cards, but unfortunately I couldn't find an option on Shutterfly that allowed us to upload a complete custom design.  We chose one of their holiday designs and incorporated our photos, our theme being "funny retro with a major cheeseball factor."  I can't wait for family and friends to open these and be at a loss for words.

A HUGE kuddos to my Mom for taking the photos for us- she's awesome.  Can you imagine how many laughs we had?  She even found a way to pin on that weird garland on my $1.95 gold blouse from the thrift store.  Thanks Mom!

Our Message:

Have a Holly Jolly Holiday
A Dynamic New Year!


Faith said...

Hahaha, so fun! This will def. make me laugh out loud if I got it!

We still haven't done our Christmas cards. We are such slackers. I don't know ... we might even just go to the store and buy some ... gasp!

jenstillinak said...

O. M. G!!!! I love them! They are so cute and funny at the same time, what a great card! Your blouse and corsage are so devine, as is D's jacket. What fun you two are!!

On a side note, have you tried Nations Photo Lab before? They are a professional lab, but regular folks can use them too. They have a template that may fit your retro look, it's green polka dots with red ribbon so it looks like an old gift - I know it's besides the point now, but I thought I'd share! Also, their photo printing is amazing! If you have any wedding photos you haven't printed out yet, try them. The metallic finish photos are to die for!

lisaroy said...

These are great!! I should just go through our photo album from the 80s and choose something retro and cheeseball from there - big hair, big glasses and shoulder pads! :)

LEAH said...

great photo! i love the plaid jacket and your gold blouse would look great tucked in with skinny jeans and boots!

Nicole-Lynn said...

haha so cute!