Thursday, April 21, 2011

Art- the shizzy!

So.................I'm convinced that our custom art piece from Ryan of Native Vermont Studio is going to be the raddest thing to enter our home in quite a while, except for our new sofa that was just delivered this morning!  YAY!  I'll share photos once the room is complete!  In the meantime, here's our final art piece, recognize any of the names?  We love it!

We'll share photos of this lovely addition as soon as we receive it.  Each and every place listed in our custom art piece has a special meaning, maybe someday I'll share (smile).

I'm glad my psycho designer tendencies didn't scare Ryan away.  Did I send about 3 messages before ordering to explain how important color was?  Yes.  Did I ask if I could send him color swatches to match up?  Yes.  Did I send them?  Heck yes.  And he nailed it! 


jenstillinak said...

I seriously LOVE this!! I so need one for our house!! Etsy is a very bad thing for my bank account, I just found a lady who make necklaces with custom paintings of your pet! Since we are so in love with our dog I want to get one to use as a bouquet charm!

Can't wait to see pics of your new couch!

Nicole-Lynn said...

haha SO cute! Love it.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Just wanted you to know I saw something very similar at this cute little coastal decor shop in Cordonado Beach. It had all the different cities/towns in southern CA. I'd love to do something similar for our living room :)