Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let there be Light

Lighting is a huge issue in our apartment.  Natural light unfortunately is a challenge, as well as forced lighting in the evenings.  D and I are trying to figure out the best
solution(s) to compliment some of the living room re-vamp.

The Madison glass sconce pendant is in the running.  The glass shade would provide ample light (not sure if it may be to harsh), we're proposing two of these sconces framing each end of the sofa.  Another challenge with our new sofa is side table space, hence the wall hanging option.  Also, as renters, the lighting must be plug in as opposed to hard wire.  Tons of challenges. 

It is true that designers can solve issues for their clients, but when it comes to making decisions about their own home- it's impossible!  Also, it's apparent that I am by no means a multi-millionaire, so many of the lines I am accustom to working with are just simply not in the budget.  But, this PB sconce, totally in the budget for us!!!  Personal use = must be reasonable priced.

via Pottery Barn


jenstillinak said...

I absolutely LOVE those lights!! I love PB so much, but at this point I pretty much just drool over everything!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love love love! I spy potterybarn ;)