Friday, April 8, 2011

The Details

Guess what we splurged on to join in on the living room makeover?

Photo via Native Vermont

You may remember me posting this a while back- I really love the uniqueness of these pieces, being both artwork and meaningful statements.  I'm working with the artist to create a custom color palette to compliment our room, and he's been wonderful to communicate with thus far.  I can't wait to share our finished piece with you all and reveal which words/locations we chose to be included in our one-of-a-kind creation.  Fun, fun, fun!  Check out Ryan's work via Native Vermont Studio on Etsy.

*Additional Thoughts*
Art is subjective.  It is meaningful, it is special, it brings forth different emotions and feelings within each individual person.  One of my college art professors once shared a message that has always stuck with me over the years: 

 "invest in what is meaningful to your person, what calls to you within.  What may appear questionable in value to one, may be priceless to another." 

I truly believe in the value of art, not only because I was educated with a degree in the Arts, but because of it's message- the ability to question, evoke feelings, allow discussion, heal, the list could go on.  Having a background in art, or even learning to appreciate it's nature, opens your eyes to view the world in a completely different aspect (it truly does).

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Tutti said...

This has been on my 'wish list' since you posted about it way back when. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. And I bet I'll recognize some of those names. Or, at least one :)