Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm pretty sure that waking up with a headache and stiff shoulders, a dry throat, and itchy eyes is not a good start to the day.  Good sign is that I don't think it's a start to sickness, rather just work stress.  Hope the feeling passes by the start of the weekend!

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Tami said...

We so need a relaxing girls weekend getaway, don't you think? Lava Flows and sand between our toes. I think it's deserved.

rustic rooster interiors said...

I just got back from vacation with my family... & I already feel stressed again. oppps! Good luck on trying to relax. I always say Yoga Breaths!!!!!!! :) xoxo

Faith said...

hope you were able to relax this weekend ... nothing that a massage couldn't help to make better! :)