Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Easing Back

Gosh, I guess I ate those words "be back soon".   Not soon enough I guess.  Things got a bit busy with work and orders, but I'm glad that they are easing into a much more manageable state so that I can get back to blogging more frequently and share all the exciting things that I still have to post!

Lately I've had a few friend's weddings pass (not ones I attended, rather Brides I've worked with on design elements) and I absolutely cannot wait to share photos when they get them back.  These are going to be some lovely events to share with you all.  Another sweet client has her Maui nuptials next week- another soon-to-be AMAZING wedding.  Best wishes to Jocelyn and Frederick!

I've been keeping on with Etsy orders (the usge).  I've also proceeded with the initial design plan for my Husband's Aunt and Uncle's beach pad, what an exciting process.  We just went over the initial Master Bedroom remodel designs and they were quite pleased with the plans and proposals.  This will be an amazing project- and my first outside of the design firm I work for- which makes it even closer to my heart that it involves family.

Aside from work, D and I have been on the down low.  I've been feeling a scratchy throat these past few days and I'm praying it wears off without full fledged sick status.  I'm enjoying the change in weather lately, feels much more Fall-like, and it puts me in a domestic mood.  Maybe I'll bake something again?!

I found the most delicious looking recipe earlier this morning while browsing, I think I may actually want to try my hand at it:

Pumpkin Spice Roll - recipe here

Don't these photos make you want to grab a bite right from the computer screen?  Good gosh!  I know now that I've posted this, Hubby D will hold me to it that this is a recipe must try.  

Happy Fall Everyone!


jenstillinak said...

My Aunt makes those pumpkin spice rolls every year and my Dad just goes nuts over them!! I am also anxiously awaiting Jocelyn's wedding, it's going to be fabulous - especially with all the stuff that you worked on for her - it's amazing!!

Gypsea Nurse said...

It is a rainy day here in the Northeast and this looks like the best comfort food!
Thank you!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Happy you're doing well! Miss you.