Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break- What's That?

Hey everyone, is it Spring Break for you?  Do those words even mean anything to you?  For me, they haven't in years.  Probably not since high school.  Once I hit college I was working all the time and didn't go on "Spring Break" vacations or week long adventures.  Same thing with being out of college and getting into my career, this break during Spring never occurred.

Today it seems like lots of people take time off- at least a week off.  Are these people with children who take time off corresponding with their kids school schedules?  If so, sign me up because I'd like to find out what Spring Break is all about.  Lots of people out on the roads, wearing their flip flops, absent minded- I could use a week of that!

We did stop into West Elm this past weekend and bought an almond coconut candle, this delicious smell is as close as tropical as we're gonna get, trying to enjoy every smell of it!

personal photo


Faith said...

I love when you take photos around your place.

And Spring break, what is that?

Nicole-Lynn said...

I love when you take photos of your home too! :)

I've never had an official spring break because if I'm off school I'm still working. :)