Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hi All,

Stopping in (it's difficult lately to find that extra time)- I know some of you have had the same conflict with time.  I do enjoy when I can grab a minute and hop onto the blogging world and I've been trying to tell myself to stress less.  Sometimes when I lay down at night, a billion gazillion things pop into my mind about every little thing and it drives me up the wall.  While I can hear my husband breathing deeply and dreaming away next to me, I lay there and I think about work things, Etsy orders, when will I get _______ done, will I have time for the blog in the morning, I need to email ______, I need to catch up with ______ and ______.  Ok, so I'm trying to take a chill pill.  If I can't get do this or that, tough.  If something gets pushed back a day, so be it.  I'm trying to give my poor little heart a break.  Sometimes we've just got to stop, relax a bit, and see life shine.

photo via See Life Shine on Etsy

On another note, I have an amazing husband who I must proclaim a well-deserved shout out to.  He's been working so hard this past week on a project he delivered up in LA with his buddies this past weekend and he's been so consumed with that and phone calls, I was sure I was being put a bit on the back burner.  Yes I did have projects of my own too, but I'm just familiar with my husband listening when I ask him things.  Just as I open my fat mouth this weekend, he pulls out a gorgeous pair of earrings yesterday that he surprised me with- something I showed him months ago that he remembered I loved (oooops, I guess he really does listen)- my bad for thinking anything less.  I am very blessed for my husband, not just for little surprises, but for the things he does on a daily basis and the support he always gives to keep me going.   I am grateful.   *love*

earrings via Kendra Scott


Kathy said...

Aww... Your hubby is a sweetheart! Guys...they never cease to surprise us! I LOVE the earrings!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw how sweet of him! Love them, they're gorgeous!!

And yes, you need to try and relax some and maybe take a vacation soon? :)