Monday, April 23, 2012

A Slow Ride, Takin it Easy

I took a day off this weekend (a day off from working on Etsy, a day of worrying about work) and went for a bike ride with my husband.  It was an amazing day and one I'd like to repeat more often.  We took the beach cruisers to Coronado and rode around the island- almost complete circle.  We began the morning riding up and down the beachside streets admiring the gorgeous houses and then made a stop at the local bike shop.  I've been searching for a basket for my bike and found the absolute perfect fit, a crate-style basket I've had on the brain for a while now.  Thirty minutes later we were on our way with a new basket installed, new leather grips, new bells mounted (with the most perfect rings).  Now I just need to clean up the white walls and get a new seat and my 10+ year old bike will be a happy camper.

We rode along, stopped in a few shops, then made our way to the bayside for lunch.  We found a small little tucked away park with the most gorgeous view of the city front and parked it for a few minutes to soak up how awesome the day was turning out.

After lunch (at a newly discovered restaurant a few minutes from the park), we made our way back toward the beachside passing a weekend flower and book festival, riding by both the yachat and golf course and of course gawking at more amazing homes.  Our last stop was at our favorite gelatto joint, the best way to end a rad bike ride with some peanut butter gelatto and coconut/chocolate hazelnut for D.  Yuuuuuuuum.

You know I had D snap some pics of the drop dead gorgeous homes we saw during our ride- I'll ask him to upload them so I can share them with you all this week!  Happy Monday....................

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