Monday, October 15, 2012

Falling for Fall

We did it- we finally got some of the Fall decor up!  Yesterday consisted of glittering a faux skeleton, spray painting a DIY doormat and potting some colorful flowers- it was awesome.  You know you have the best husband in the world when he allows you to drag him to the craft store to get glitter, drag him to the nursery to get flowers (never knowing which ones I want to choose, but he remains patient), and somehow talking him into holding Mr. Skeleton while I spray adhesive the heck out of it and give it repetitive glitter baths.  Oh yes, I scored a gem.  Smiles.

I'll share our super easy DIY doormat this week with the list of materials and cost (ummm, why isn't everyone designing their own mats)?

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Looks so festive! I love the doormat!