Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's New?

Well hello there.

What's new?

Anyone from San Diego knows the weather has been insanely hot, like high 90s-100 hot.  Eeeewww.  It's beginning to cool down now and I couldn't be more stoked.  I actually wore boots this past weekend when it cooled down to something like 76 degrees.  Keep on going down the thermometer, I can't wait for sweaters!

photo via montandom

I've been enjoying some free time with Hubby D, it's been amazing.  No more crazy stressful work schedule as of late.

Picked up some Fall wardrobe must haves at Nordie Rack, loving me some grey ankle boots and skinny pants!

Decided that I'm going to attempt to dress as Catwoman for Halloween.  If it's a success, you'll see photos.  If it's a failure, I won't speak of it further.  Anyone know of some awesome black pleather leggings- stores of where to purchase or brands?

I've been trying to stick to a better workout routine lately, feels good.

Eating habits- ehhhhhh, trying.  Those Starbucks Fraps are so hard to give up.

I'm determined to glitter our little naked skeleton we picked up at the craft store and possibly get some Fall colored flowers to decorate our front door/entry.  If it doesn't get done by this weekend, then I'm not going to put in the effort for 2 weeks of visual enjoyment.

We made chocolate chip pancakes for dinner the other night, I can't begin to explain how delicious they were!


Nicole-Lynn said...

I just saw some pleater black pants at Target! I hope it works out well.. I'll have to show you my Sandy from Grease fail last year! :/ LOL!

Nicole-Lynn said...

*pleather .. clearly I can't spell