Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Neat!

So I found this amazing idea, it's really a story, but I love incorporating the idea to make it personal.  A seller TonyAstultz on Etsy is selling these hand crafted cut out wall art pieces in the shape of Africa.  The heart is placed in the location of Ethiopia where they are in the process of adopting a child, and all the proceeds of sales are going toward the adoption expenses.  If this cause doesn't urge you to reach deep down in your pockets to make a purchase, I don't know what will.  The listing states that the heart can be placed in any African area you'd like.

This amazing piece of art got me thinking, I want one of those shaped in the island of Maui, Hawaii with the heart placed near Makena where the hubs and I got married.  I think it would be an awesome wall hanging to even frame nicely and hang in our home.  The wheels are turning in my head and I haven't contacted the Etsy seller to see if they can design my request, as it appears their shop just opened up and they may just be starting out with a few items.  I just love this idea!


Tutti said...

Oh my gosh- what a FABUlOUS story and SO sweet!

And your idea of having one made in the shape of Maui... we might just have to place a double order :)

Myra - twigs and honey said...

Michelle! I just wanted to say, "thank you" for your super lovely comment on my blog today. Ah! I can't believe anyone remembers my former life... I can't believe I used to have two jobs! Actually... it still feels like two jobs in terms of hours. :) I'm in a huge transition right now.... more surprises to come! Thank you so much for following my little journey for the last few years!!

Faith said...

that is so awesome. my parents are from Ghana, Africa and i know they would appreciate that! what a great gift and idea. thanks for sharing!